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The Young and the Restless: Will Nikki Crush Paul and Cricket's Relationship?


The year 2014 isn't shaping up to be a banner one for The Young and the Restless' Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott). Her past came roaring back to haunt her when cult leader Ian Ward (Ray Wise) came to Genoa City.

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Luckily for Nikki, The Path's head honcho turned out not to be the father of her son Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton). Instead, Genoa City's top cop Paul (Doug Davidson) is the one passing out belated cigars. Just how will this new family dynamic impact Paul's marriage to Christine (Lauralee Bell)? TV Guide Magazine'sMichael Logan spoke with Davidson, Thomas Scott and Bell to get the skinny.

TV Guide Magazine: Paul and Nikki's love child, Dylan, is now a grown-ass man. How can he be a threat to Chris and Paul's happiness?

Bell: Chris has no idea how to fight this. Nikki and Paul now have something in common that Chris and Paul may never have, and that's a major issue. It trumps everything. And it doesn't stop. Now, Nikki somehow finds her way up to the mountains while they're having a belated honeymoon. And she stays! [Laughs] At one point, Chris walks in and sees them cozily working together on a jigsaw puzzle, which I'm sure the viewers will find hilarious. But Chris is pissed. The history Paul and Nikki share is a tough thing to compete with.

Thomas Scott had a slightly different take on things.

TV Guide Magazine: Mel, what's your take on this? Is Nikki trying to move in on Chris's man, or is she just being...well, Nikki?
Thomas Scott: Nikki is always a wild card, though she's not consciously trying to steal Paul, at least according to anything I've seen in the scripts so far. Not at all! Nikki has no idea her behavior is inappropriate. She's always been a bull in a china shop — completely clueless to the damage she's doing.

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