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Perkie's Observations: Patrick Wants a Divorce on General Hospital

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Patrick forces his way into the lab and sees the cryogenic chamber. He demands to know if Jason is inside.

Robin stops him from opening the chamber. She tells him Jason is dead. She tried to help him, but the treatment failed.

Patrick questions why Robin is still there. He wonders if Victor is holding her hostage, or threatening him and Emma.

Robin says she isn't being forced; she wants to be there. She's revolutionizing medicine forever.

Sam reassures the clinic manager Patrick wasn't involved in her scheme. She only wanted to know if Nina is faking.

The manage tells her it's against policy to share records. Sam asks for the favor in return for money. The manager would like sex in return and makes a move. Sam knees him in the groin.

Olivia comforts Ned. He's upset Alice is getting weaker with no viable heart option available. Olivia reassures him. Alice is a strong woman.

Ned feels Edward would be able to get her a heart. It's his job to look after the family, but he's failing at it.

MIchael and Morgan sit vigil outside Alice's room. Sonny arrives to offer his support. Morgan storms off. Sonny tells Micheal to let Morgan know Ava is no longer staying with him.

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Shawn has questions about Mickey's shooting. Jordan explains what happened.

Shawn doesn't believe she'd want to be with Mickey. Jordan claims she wanted to climb the ladder.

Shawn questions her feelings for him. Jordan admits she does feel something. Te two start to make out against the wall.  Let's hope no one wants to buy art this afternoon.

Alexis demands to know if Julian killed Mickey. He denies it.

Alexis accuses Julian of lying to her. She wonders if he shot Mickey because he blew up her house.

Julian admits he shot MIckey for her; he won't let anyone attack his family anymore. Julian swears he will kill anyone who does harm to his family.  Alexis wonders why Jordan confessed.

Olivia spots Sonny. She grabs Ned and kisses him.

 Sonny interrupts and offers his condolences for Alice. Olivia apologizes for being inappropriate. Ned knows she kissed him it to stick it to Sonny, which is fine with him.

Michael wants Morgan to call a ceasefire with Sonny. He feels their dad is trying to fix things with Morgan.

Patrick can't believe her research is more important to Robin than their family. Robin feels her research could help millions of people.  She asks him for more time. Patrick found her there for a reason.

Robin swears she loves him and always will. Patrick says she would come home if that were true.  He says he wants a divorce.