General Hospital Fan Club Weekend Gets a Blast From the Past (PHOTOS)

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General Hospital Fan Club Weekend had a big blast from the past as former Port Charles residents, like Dylan Cash (ex-Michael) to The Bold and the Beautiful'sScott Clifton (ex-Dylan) and more, came together with GH fans.

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Kiko Elsworth and Brian Gaskill


Julian Stone and Rib Hillis


Maree Cheatham, Anne Jeffreys and Susan Brown


Susan Pratt

Michael Sutton

Michael Sutton

Tonja Walker, Jack Alexrod

Tonja Walker and Jack Alexrod

John Reilly, Guy Mack

Guy Mace and John Reilly

Blake Gibbons, Brianna Brown, Brandon Barash

Brandon Barash, Brianna Brown and Blake Gibbons

Brian Gaskill, daughter Alabama

Brian Gaskill and daughter Alabama

Andrew Bogart, Dylan Cash

Andrea Bogart and Dylan Cash

Michael Cole, Crystal Carson

Crystal Carson and Michael Cole

Lilly Melgar

Lily Melgar

Adam Grimes

Adam Grimes