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Perkie's Observations: Robin Gabs With a Cryogenically Frozen Jason on General Hospital

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Sam tells Patrick they need to leave immediately, as the clinic alarms go off.  Victor arrives to remind Robin visitors are forbidden. She's to have no contact with Patrick.

 Robin tells him she told Patrick that Jason is dead. Victor commends her for lying, since Jason is alive in the cryogenic chamber.

Victor worries what Patrick will tell Sam. Robin reassures him Patrick won't say anything.

Robin says Patrick is divorcing her. He hates her because her work is more important to her than her family.

Alexis realizes Jordan taking the blame for Julian means she's helping him, and therefore he's still in the business. Julian admits he is; he had no choice.

Julian says he's the same man Alexis fell in love with. This doesn't change their feelings for each other. The two make love.

Ned tells Alice, the other Quartermaines and hangers-on that the heart in Baltimore fell through. Alice decides they need to accept she's going to die. Morgan refuses to give up. Tracy says Diane is on the case.

Alice says she's had the privilege of taking care of them. Now she'll be busy taking care of Lila, Edward, Alan and the rest of lost Quartermaines.

Nina gives Silas an update on her physical therapy and offers to make him dinner.  Molly interrupts their conversation.

Silas offers his condolences on the loss of the Davis lake house. Molly says she's sorry about the break up with Sam, which is Nina's cue to leave.

Carly runs into Sonny at the hospital. She promises Morgan won't stay angry with him forever. As the exes hold hands, Nina wheels up and spots them.

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Sonny claims Carly needs a wake-up call about Franco. He pulls her into a kiss, as Nina watches.

Carly pulls out of the kiss and tells Sonny it was wrong; she's in love with Franco. Carly reminds him he's still in love with Olivia. Sonny says he saw Olivia kissing Ned; she's moved on.

Carly swears again she's committed to Franco. She needs Sonny to respect her relationship.

Sam explains about almost getting the info on Nina. She asks what Patrick was doing. Patrick claims nothing happened. He decides they need to have a night on the town.

Silas thanks Molly for being a good friend to Rafe. Molly says Rafe had a hard life. She remembers what Rafe told her in the car before the accident.

Molly tells Silas about Rafe telling her someone put him up to causing the accident. Silas wonders who it could be.

The Quartermaines are interrupted by a woman who tells them she's MIckey Diamond's sister.  Selma says despite her differences with her brother, she wants Alice to have his heart.

Tracy tells her she needs to sign some papers. Alice promises to live up to the gift. The Qs celebrate the good news.

In the afterglow, Alexis decides things have changed. Despite her feelings for Julian she can't be with him.

Julian says he was trying to protect his family. Alexis says she has to do the same for hers.

Victor warns Robin he can arrange another accident. Robin angrily questions why he arranged the first one, since she was doing everything he told her to.

 Victor reminds her she's not only saving his relatives, but Jason also. He also reminds her he's in charge.

After Victor leaves, Robin tells the cryogenic chamber she hates lying to Patrick, but it will be worth it when she brings Jason back to life and they can take down the Cassadines together.

Selma meets with Sonny and tells him that his fake ID worked. The hospital and the Quartermaines believe she was Mickey's sister. She thinks he did a good thing and his sons will be happy.