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Perkie's Observations: Will Maxie's Wedding Day End Up in Aztec Ruins on General Hospital?

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Maxie is getting ready to get married; Felicia offers her support. Levi stops by. Talk turns to Felicia's Aztec jewelry. Felicia explains she gave the necklace away to a reporter to help a friend.

Nathan stops by Maxie's apartment. Mac tells him Maxie is at the Haunted Star getting married.

Mac admits he doesn't care for Levi, but feels he needs to support Maxie. Nathan admits he has feelings for Maxie and would have fought for her, but can't now that it's her wedding day.

Mac doesn't believe Maxie truly loves Levi; he thinks she just wants to save him. Mac mentions Levi is showing too much interest in Felicia's Aztec past.

Mac tells Nathan to go talk to Maxie; it's not too late. Nathan disagrees.

Lulu tells Dante she has all-clear to get pregnant again. Dante realizes his wife wants a second baby pronto.

Sonny and Franco run into each other outside the hospital. Sonny reminds Franco he promised not to divulge his secrets. Franco doesn't need a reminder, since Sonny promised to keep his distance from Carly.

Nina eavesdrops on the conversation. When Sonny leaves, she questions Franco about Carly and Sonny's relationship.

Nina hopes Carly has earned Franco's trust. Franco wonders what Nina isn't telling him. Nina denies knowing anything; she's just looking out for him.

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Morgan complains to Carly about the terrible situation he's in regarding Ava's pregnancy. He can't do anything about it.

Felicia tells Maxie she can still call off the wedding. She's only known Levi for a few months.

Maxie wants everyone to stop second guessing her. She says she loves Levi and doesn't want to lose him.

Felicia offers Maxie her Aztec ring; it's been passed down through the generations of their family line. At first Maxie refuses the ring, but Felicia tells her that she believes Maxie is making the right choice.

Carly goes to Ava and tells her to get a paternity test. Ava feels an amnio would be too invasive; she's not going to risk the baby.

Carly accuses her of letting Morgan twist in the wind. Ava declares she isn't leaving the penthouse until it's time to deliver.

Morgan runs into Sonny. His father wants to tell him a partial truth about Ava.

Sonny says he can't tell Morgan everything, but reveals Ava held something over him. She set a trap he walked right into.

Morgan wonders why Sonny moved Ava in. Sonny says it was to know every move she was making. Morgan feels this doesn't change anything, but thanks his father for telling him that much.

Mac gets to the Star and wants a word alone with Maxie. She asks him not to talk her out of marrying Levi.

Mac tells her he loves her. He trusts her to make the right decision, but wants to talk to her about Nathan's feelings.

Nathan is at the station when the reporter arrives. He claims someone broke into his home and stole his Aztec necklace.