The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Devon and Hilary Profess Their Love

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Devon/Hilary: Hilary goes to tell Neil the truth about her feelings for Devon, when he surprises her with a new house. Devon decides he should be the one to tell Neil. Hilary insists it should be her, as she is Neil's wife. Will either get the chance to come clean to a clueless Mr. Winters?

Jill: She gets a letter from Katherine which turns her world upside down.

Billy/Chelsea: The friends with benefits celebrate Connor's first birthday together. Look for Chelsea to wonder if there could be more to her relationship with Billy. Can he get past Victoria? Not likely! Also, someone leaves a mysterious gift for Baby Connor.

Paul/Dylan: Father and son get acquainted.

Austin: He has a surprise for his wife.

Paul/Cricket: The couple fight over Nikki.