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Perkie's Observations: Nathan Gets The Aztec Goods on Levi on General Hospital

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Mac tells Maxie that Nathan has romantic feelings for her. Mac wanted her to know in case it impacts her decision to marry Levi.

Mac believes there's something special between Maxie and Nathan. She claims all they do is fight.

Maxie still thinks Nathan called immigration on Levi. Mac says Nathan would admit if he had.

Maxie is determined to marry Levi.  She asks again for Mac's blessing. He says he'll always support her.

Paul explains to Nathan how Felicia gave him the necklace. Nathan has an idea who stole it and shows Paul a photo of Levi. Paul was hit from behind and can't identify Levi.

Levi almost gets caught drooling over the necklace by Felicia. She tells him to get ready for the wedding.

Lulu and Dante arrive at the Star. Felicia asks a reluctant Dante to help Levi get ready. Dante warns Levi to never hurt Maxie.

Emma asks Robin about the divorce via Skype. Robin says she and Patrick can't be married anymore, but they'll always be family.

Emma questions why her parents stopped loving each other. Patrick tells her Robin has work to do and apologizes for what Emma is going through.

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Silas tells Sam that Rafe deliberately forced Patrick off the road. Someone wanted to hurt Patrick.

They wonder who Rafe was mixed up with. Sam admits they both failed the boy.

Robin accuses Victor of being responsible for her lie to Patrick. Vic counters she should never have told Patrick anything about Jason in the first place.

Victor warns her to get moving on her research. If she doesn't, he'll set up another "accident" in Port Charles.

Robin reveals she's had a breakthrough. She wants to test it on Stavros or Helena, as she thinks Jason may be too far gone.

Victor thinks she's manipulating him. He reminds her Jason is the guinea pig.  Robin begs for one more day, but Victor insists on giving the serum to Jason.

Patrick is shocked to hear someone wants him dead. He asks Sam's help in finding out who is after him.

Nathan arrives at the Star looking for Levi. He asks Felicia if she gave Paul the necklace.  Felicia admits she did. She told Levi about it earlier.

Maxie tells Lulu that Nathan has feelings for her. Lulu wonders if it makes a difference.

Nathan confronts Levi about stealing the necklace. Levi denies everything.

Nathan quickly finds the necklace in the cabin. Levi says Nathan doesn't have a warrant, then pulls a gun.