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10 Daytime Soap Opera Hunks We'd Love to Take Underwear Shopping


Baby switches! Returns from the dead! Corporate takeovers! Oh, who are we kidding? The real reason we watch daytime soap operas is to see red-hot, half-naked men in their underwear. Peep 10 daytime soap hunks we’d love to help get into (and out of) some new drawers below!

Redaric Williams

No. 10: Redaric Williams, The Young and the Restless

We haven’t seen much of hard-bodied Tyler Michaelson (Redaric Williams) since vapid celebutante Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) kicked the marketing whiz to the curb on The Young and the Restless. Obviously it won't be long before Tyler is sweating up the sheets with another female Genoa Citizen, with a body like that!

William deVry

No. 9: William deVry, General Hospital

Anyone who thinks soap love scenes should be reserved for 20-somethings needs to turn the channel to ABC’s General Hospital. Neurotic, 50-something legal eagle Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is getting her back broken regularly by mobster Julia Jerome (William deVry). One look at the ruthless-but-loving gangster out of his clothes, and there’s no denying why Armani boxer briefs have replaced legal briefs atop the list of priorities for Ms. Davis.


No. 8: Sean Carrigan, The Young and the Restless

Who could blame tormented, cosmetics queen Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) for deciding to sample disgraced doc Stich Rayburn’s (Sean Carrigan) bedside manner on The Young and the Restless? Even the cleanest eating socialite desires an occasional side of beef. Wouldn't Carrigan and his alter ego look great in a pair of Calvin Klein Micro Boxer Briefs?

Sean Blakemore

No. 7: Sean Blakemore, General Hospital

Shawn Butler (Sean Blakemore) may suck at his job as a mob hitman on ABC Daytime’s General Hospital, but if fictional Wyndham’s department store ever needs an underwear model, the job is his!

Joshua Morrow

No. 6: Joshua Morrow, The Young and the Restless

Dimpled dumpling Joshua Morrow has had fans salivating over dreamy heir Nick Newman for two decades on CBS Daytime’s The Young and the Restless. Any time Nick is in his undies both ratings and temperatures are sure to rise. Maybe Sharon (Sharon Case) should order him a pair of Hugo Boss Innovation 3 Boxer Briefs?

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Don Diamont

No. 5: Don Diamont, The Bold and the Beautiful

Dollar Bill Spencer claims to have a “Stallion” in his trousers on CBS Daytime’s The Bold and the Beautiful. We can’t say we mind whenever veteran soap stud Don Diamont’s, ahem, horse is allowed to run (almost) free in those black trunks on the sudser. We wonder if they're Emporio Armani?

Eric Martsolf

No. 4: Eric Martsolf, Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives’Eric Martsolf proved he is more than just a pretty face by winning the 2014 Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series Daytime Emmy. We hope the talented thespian doesn’t mind if we still gawk whenever hot mess hottie Brady Black drops trou. We promise to still respect him in the morning, especially if he's strutting around in a pair of 2(x)IST Volume No Show Trunks.

Robert Scott Wilson

No. 3: Robert Scott Wilson, Days of Our Lives

Is it any wonder CBS Daytime decided to make Robert Scott Wilson the first-ever male model on The Price Is Right? Since then, the gorgeous hunk has proven to have impressive chops on two daytime soaps.

You know what else is impressive? Wilson’s tight bum, that’s what! Days of OurLives was very CLEVER to snag this dreamboat.

Ryan Paevey

No. 2: Ryan Paevey, General Hospital

General Hospital’s Detective Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) might not be the brightest bulb in Port Charles, New York, but he certainly has one of the biggest bulges. We wonder what it would look like positioned in an Obviously Comfort Pouch?

James Scott

No. 1: James Scott, Days of Our Lives

We have no trouble understanding why scheming, corporate barracuda Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) still loves to hate her mogul husband E.J. DiMera (James Scott). After eight years of on again/off again romance on Days of Our Lives, Sami is still powerfully drawn to daytime’s answer to Christian Grey. Let's face it, E.J. is the textbook definition of Male Power!

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