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Perkie's Observations: Will Nathan Be Rescued in Time to Stop Maxie's Wedding on General Hospital?

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Lulu continues to question Maxie's feelings for Nathan. After several denials, Maxie declares she doesn't have feelings for Levi.

Lulu quickly points out Maxie said she doesn't have feelings for her groom! Maxie says she made a simple mistake, because she's flustered. She wonders why Lulu isn't on her side. Lulu wants her friend to be honest.

Maxie says she worked hard to forgive herself during her Eat, Pray, Love journey. Levi was there for her.

Lulu points out there is a difference between gratitude and love. Maxie warns Lulu to leave if she can't be supportive. Lulu backs off.

Levi pulls a gun on Nathan. He admits—in an American accent—he isn't really Australian. He wants all three pieces of the Aztec collection.

The two men fight over the gun. Levi manages to get the upper hand and knocks Nathan out. He leaves the cop tied up in the room.

Robin rejoices when Jason's vital signs improve. Her hopes are quickly dashed, when it appears her hero is dead.

Robin tries to revive Jason and blames Victor. Victor declares the experiment to be over. When he tries to close the chamber door, Jason grabs his arm.

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Robin is thrilled. Victor tells Robin her services are no longer needed.

Robin realizes Victor has no intention of letting Jason go. He has his own plans for the presumed dead hit man!

Sam promises Patrick she'll help him find out who hurt his family. Sam reminds him he helped her move on from Jason to Silas.

Sam admits she never got closure when Jason died. She still feels like he's out there somewhere.

Patrick asks if Sam thinks Jason will return. She says she couldn't live in limbo anymore, because of Danny. She accepts Jason is gone.

Sam apologizes for bringing up Jason. She knows Patrick never understood Robin's connection to him. Patrick tells her he and Robin are divorcing.

Lucy arrives at the Star to officiate the wedding. The immigration agent is also present.

Levi comes out, ready to get married. Dante asks about Nathan. Levi claims Nathan asked about the necklace and then left. Lucy spots blood on Levi's collar. He claims he cut himself shaving.

Felicia lets Maxie know Agent Jeffrey is there. Lulu assures Maxie if her feelings for Levi are real, she has nothing to worry about.

Maxie stops by Levi's room to talk to him. She realizes he's already left. She recalls her relationship with Nathan, who is bleeding on the other side of the door.

The wedding begins. Dante gets suspicious. He pretends to get a call from the station, and goes looking for Nathan. Lucy asks for anyone to speak now or forever hold his or her peace.