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Prospect Park's Legal Woes Become Even More Convoluted


I've had to borrow from Teen Talk Barbie quite a few times during my years at Daytime Confidential. Once again, I find myself going to the plastic sage of sages, who infamously said, "Math class is tough!"

Why, do you ask, is my brow a' furrowing? Just take a look at the latest Hollywood Reporter item on the hot mess that has become of Prospect Park.

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When we last left Prospect Park, the company had filed for bankruptcy and former principle player Jeff Kwatinetz was suing...his own firm. Now the company that temporarily resurrected One Life to Live and All My Children is reportedly liquidating their assets. My head hurts.

Don't think for one second these new developments will result in PP giving up their suit against alleged "Mega Soap" builder Disney-ABC. Oh no! The company that gave us that one show about a talking, potty-mouthed dog, has a new law firm on board — even though, according to, they haven't paid their previous law firms what they owe them.

Speaking of monies owed (Sorry, Erika Slezak. Girl, you're just gonna have to stand in line!), somehow Apple, Inc. got mixed up in all this madness and is owed the $5 million tax bill PP originally owed the state of Connecticut. I should have been paying attention to the teacher when she was going over word problems in the sixth grade back home in Texas, instead of reading The Love Killers by Jackie Collins!