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Perkie's Observations: Will Brad, Lucas and Felix Make a Three-Way Sandwich on General Hospital?

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Dante finds Nathan and unties him while Nathan explains that Levi is a con man, planning to rob Felicia.

Levi says his vows, but Maxie hesitates and says she can't do it. Levi reminds Maxie she needs to marry him or he'll be deported and jailed. Maxie decides to go through with the wedding.

Nathan–who clearly took the scenic route–comes out of the back and tells Levi that he's under arrest. Maxie doesn't believe it until Levi pulls a gun and holds it against her.

Nikolas tells Britt that Spencer is still grounded and thanks her for help in finding him. Britt asks him out for dinner, but Nikolas has plans with Liz.

Sonny tells Olivia he's happy she's moved on with Ned. However, Olivia admits she was lying to him to make him jealous. Olivia admits she still has feelings for him. Sonny asks if they still have a chance.

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Olivia says they want different things and that it's time for both of them to move on. She says Sonny needs to find someone who understands and accepts his life.

Carly asks Lucas what's happening between him, Brad and Felix. He tells her about the proposed three-way. Carly tells him not to do it in her house.

Franco runs into Felix who tells him about Brad and Lucas, but that he's too old fashioned for what Lucas proposed.

Britt complains to Brad about not winning over Nikolas. Brad tells her about what happened with Lucas and Felix. He reveals he's willing to do the three way if it will get him back together with Lucas. Britt tells him not to give up on Lucas.

Nikolas admits to Liz that Britt has been trying to be better. Liz asks if he wants to patch things up with Britt. Nik feels Britt made him look like a fool. He knows she's trying, but he'd always wonder if she was telling the truth.

Nik mentions how things would be different if he hadn't turned Liz down when she told him how she felt. Britt arrives and joins them.

Maxie can't believe Levi was lying all along and accuses him of costing her her daughter. She tells Nathan to shoot Levi, but Nathan can't since she's in the way.
Felicia hands over her earrings. Dante comes out from the back. Fake Agent Jeffrey grabs Lulu.