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Perkie's Observations: Levi Shoots Mac and Takes Hostages on General Hospital

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Levi introduces Fake Agent Jeffrey as his accomplice. The two are quick to explain the genius of their plan. Levi announces they're leaving and taking Lulu and Maxie as hostage.

Lucy offers herself instead. Dante swears they won't go after Levi, if he lets the girls go. Felicia points out she gave them the jewelry, so it's not technically a crime.

Britt interrupts Nikolas and Liz and begins to show the prince photos of Spencer. Liz knocks Britt's drink on her, forcing the doctor to go clean up. Nikolas accuses Liz of spilling it on purpose. Liz asks if they can ditch Britt so they can talk.

Olivia tries to apologize to Carly for going off on her. She explains she was angry about Sonny, but they have since made up and called a truce.

Olivia questions Carly's feelings for Sonny. Carly denies still being hung up on her ex. She reminds Olivia she's with Franco.

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Olivia brings up about all of Franco's misdeeds, pissing Carly off. She claims Carly only went for the sociopath because Jason died.

Milo complains to Sonny about his fitness career not taking off. Sonny offers him a job. The magic one is also upset about not being able to be with the one he loves. Sonny tells him not to let anything come between him and the one he wants.

Liesl introduces herself to Nina as her aunt. Nina says she's been reading up on Liesl and is aware of all her transgressions. Liesl counters that Nina is as deceptive as her mother. She knows Nina hasn't been doing her physical therapy.

Franco interrupts. He claims Nina has been spending so much time in art therapy, she's missed her physical therapy. Later, Franco and Nina get stuck in an elevator.

Lucas asks if Felix and Brad want to "hang out" and the boys agree to do it at Brad's. Brad calls Britt and asks her to stay away for the night.

Dr. Obrecht summons Liz to work. Britt tells Nikolas that she doesn't have a place for the night. Nikolas offers to have her stay at Wyndemere.

Franco calls Carly to let her know he's stuck in the elevator with Nina. Sonny and pizza arrive at Carly's door.

Levi shoots Mac. Maxie and Lulu are dragged away.