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Perkie's Observations: Felix is Unlucky in Love on General Hospital

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Britt questions Nikolas about Liz dumping the milkshake on her. He admits it was on purpose.

Britt complains about Liz's tricks. Nikolas quick to point out Britt knows a thing or two about that.

Brad and Lucas make small talk, while waiting for Felix. Brad eventually wonders if Felix is getting cold feet.

Lucas tells Brad he's gotten past what he did to Lulu. He's happy Brad continued to pursue him.

Lucas admits when he went looking for Brad and Felix to tell them who he had chosen, he had picked Brad. Brad is surprised to hear Lucas has feelings for him.

Milo says he needs to talk to Felix. He tells him he has feelings for someone.

Felix thinks he's the person who Milo is crushing on. He advises him to come clean. Milo admits his feelings are for Epiphany.

Milo's not sure if Pif feels the same. Felix tells him to let her know.

Milo wonders why Felix seems sad. He says he wants that special feeling with someone.

Carly is annoyed to see Sonny at her door. He wants to join her in eating the pizza.

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Carly tells him about her chat with Olivia. Sonny says he needs to move on.

Carly tells him to back off. She's with Franco.

Sonny thinks she's lying to herself and challenging him. Carly says the kiss at the hospital was a mistake. Sonny knows what he wants.

Liz complains to Epiphany about Britt's tactics. She and admits she wants to get back with Nikolas.

Pif tells her to go for it. Epiphany admits she has feelings for Milo, but is sure he wouldn't be interested in her. Milo asks Epiphany on a date and she agrees to go.

Felix calls Brad and tells him he's not joining them. Brad and Lucas get hot and heavy.

Spencer is thrilled to see Britt, but wonders why things aren't moving faster with Nikolas. The two decide to roast marshmallows. Nikolas joins them. After Spencer goes to bed, Britt wipes marshmallow off of Nikolas's face and they kiss.

Nina is upset to find out she and Franco are going to be stuck in the elevator all night. She wants to get home and get pregnant.

She tells Franco how she thinks about her lost baby every day. She feels cheated out of her life.

Franco understands. He explains how Ava told him Kiki was his.

Nina says Ava will get what's coming to her. Franco wonders what she means by that. He mentions Sonny.

Nina questions what Sonny will do to Ava. Franco tells her Ava is pregnant.

Nina claims Sonny gets around. Franco questions that comment as well.

Nina refuses to say anything. Franco continues to  bug her until she blurts out she saw Sonny and Carly kissing.