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Keke Palmer Comes Under Fire After Calling For Peace in Ferguson


Keke Palmer recently took to social media to express her thoughts on the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and its aftermath. The host of BET's daytime talk show, Just Keke, was quickly ridiculed for her remarks on Twitter and Instagram.

Keke Palmer, twitter

Palmer's well-intentioned posts spurred major backlash on social media, with people calling her out for being “naïve.”

The Just Keke host spoke to The Huffington Post and gave a response to the criticism.

Being naïve is never anything to be ashamed of because I believe me being naïve is what has allowed me to do all the things that I can because if I believe in and quote what’s realistic then I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing right now. I simply wouldn’t be Cinderella on Broadway, I wouldn’t have Just KeKe. I wouldn’t have done any of the things that I’ve done. So I think that’s a play on people’s ideas of what they can’t do and what they believe is possible. And for me, I believe everything is possible. That’s the way that I was raised, and from what I’ve been able to do I’ve seen that to be true that your reality is what you make it.

What do you think?  Did Palmer's comments offend you, or do you think her posts were taken the wrong way?

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