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New Queen Latifah Showrunner Plans to Ramp Up Comedy

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Todd Yasui is the new power behind the proverbial throne at The Queen Latifah Show and he's making changes in Latifah's court.

According to TV News Check, Yasui has more than a few ideas on boosting the young talk show's ratings.

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He plans to add more scripted comedy skits that he says were a highlight of the show’s first 175 episodes. Yasui also plans to build on Queen Latifah’s rapport with fellow musicians by adding more musical performances and interviews with musicians. Said Yasui:

You don’t see a lot of daytime shows doing comedy. The other shows, even Ellen, do comedic stuff. But they don’t really write comedy.

The goal on Queen Latifah from the beginning was to bring in a few key people, like me and a couple of our writers, to bring in a looser, irreverent comedy.

Check out more on Yasui's plans for The Queen Lafiah Show at TV News Check.