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Jennifer Gareis Returns to The Young and the Restless

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Gotta hand it to the crew over at The Young and the Restless. They know how to pull a fast one!

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This week's Y&R promo featured Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) talking to a mystery blonde. Now we know the identity of the scantily-clad bombshell. It was none other than Nick's old side piece Grace Turner (Jennifer Gareis)!

Soap Opera Digestgot the scoop from the actress, who also appears as Donna Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful. Said Gareis:

I didn’t say anything to anyone because they asked me not to,” she reveals. “I felt like, ‘Here I am keeping this secret and I can’t even tell my best friend!’ Then I thought, ‘She’ll know when she sees the script!’ When I have to keep a promise, whether it be work, my friends or family, I take it to the grave.

Could Grace be the key to unlocking the mystery surrounding Mariah (Camryn Grimes) and Ian's (Ray Wise) connection? Y&R fans may recall Grace was instrumental in reuniting Sharon with her long-lost daughter Cassie.