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5 Unforgettable Moments In The Young and Restless Life of Grace Turner

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Grace Turner's (Jennifer Gareis) surprise return to Genoa City this week has The Young and the Restless viewers taking a raunchy walk down memory lane. Let's look back at a few of the Top Moments in the life of Sharon's (Sharon Case) girlhood BFF-turned-romantic rival!

Grace 1

Grace Finds and Keeps Cassie

Grace Turner was Sharon Collins’ (Sharon Case) best friend when they were growing up. When Sharon became pregnant at 16, Grace, along with Sharon’s mother, helped the young teen give the baby, Cassidy, up for adoption.

Flash forward a few years, and Sharon has married Nicolas Newman (Joshua Morrow), the son of billionaire Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). Sharon and Nick soon had a baby, Noah, but it was uncertain the child would live.

In an effort to comfort her friend, Grace thought it would be a great idea to find the child Sharon gave away when she was 16. Grace, along with her boyfriend Tony Viscardi (Nick Scotti), found Cassie (Camryn Grimes) living with Millie, the mother of Cassie’s adopted mother Alice.

Grace managed to convince Millie to give Cassie to her, so she could live with Sharon and Nick. However, Baby Noah miraculously lived. Grace decided it would be best to keep Cassie until Sharon was ready for another child.

Grace fell in love with the little girl and cared for her for well over a year. Grace eventually had to confess Cassie’s identity, and the girl went to live with Sharon and Nick. Grace was devastated to lose Cassie, but set her sights elsewhere to ease the pain.

Grace 2

Grace Sleeps With A Drunken Nick

I’ve always said Grace is the worst best friend Sharon has ever had. While she did find Sharon’s long-lost child, she also wanted to steal her husband! Sharon eventually forgave Grace for lying about Cassie’s identity, and welcomed her bestie back into the family.

One night, Grace was helping Sharon with Noah and volunteered to sleep in the nursery. Sharon had no idea Grace was planning to steal her husband that night. Grace knew Nick thought Sharon was going to be asleep in the nursery when he returned home.

A drunken Nick stumbled through the door later that night, and slept with Grace! He couldn’t tell the difference between the two blonde women through drunken vision and the dark.

The next morning, Nick woke up to realize his terrible mistake. He begged Grace to remain silent about their tryst. Grace agreed, but used their one night stand to get a job at Newman Enterprises as Nick’s assistant. Her quest to make Nick her man was far from over.

Grace 3

Grace Seduces A Welcoming Nick

Grace continued to openly flirt with Nick whenever she managed to get him alone at Newman Enterprises. Nick turned her down constantly, until that business trip to Denver.

Sharon was originally supposed to go with Nick, but Noah became sick and she had to stay home. Grace swooped in, taking Sharon’s place on the trip and in Nick’s bed!

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The following morning, Sharon decided to surprise Nick in Denver. Instead, Sharon received the surprise of her life when she overheard Grace telling Nick how incredible he was in bed!

Sharon immediately left and moved out of the house. Nick fought hard to get Sharon back, and the couple eventually reunited. Once again, Grace was left out in the cold.

Grace 4

Grace and Nick: Friends With Benefits

All hope was not lost for Grace’s dreams of being with Nick. It seemed whenever there was real trouble in paradise for Nick and Sharon, he would call Grace for a roll in the hay. She was happy to oblige every time.

Even after Sharon miscarried Nick’s baby, he ran to Grace for some sexual healing. It remained this way for years, until Nick found a better “friend” — Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford).

Grace 5

Grace Plots With Cameron to Gaslight Sharon

Sharon's affair with businessman Cameron Kirsten (Linden Ashby) turned ugly very quickly. Cameron beat her up after they made love in some seedy hotel room. He threatened to tell Nick about the affair unless Sharon slept with him again. Sharon ended up knocking Cameron over the head with a champagne bottle and leaving his lifeless body for dead in the snow.

Once Cameron was declared missing, Grace showed up in town looking for him. The two were an item and Grace wanted to find her man!

Grace hounded Sharon with questions. Eventually, a paranoid Sharon decided to move the body, so no one could identify her at the scene of the crime. Of course, things went horribly wrong and Sharon ended up in a bar by the lake with the body in her trunk.

Sharon bumped into Grace at the bar. Her feline foe wondered about Sharon’s appearance and nervous state. Fed up with Grace, Sharon decided to show her the body in her trunk. However, when Sharon opened her trunk, it was empty!

Sharon’s nightmare was far from over, as Cameron Kirsten’s rotting presence kept haunting her. Grace would show up from time to time and make things worse.

Sharon eventually found out what happened to the body. Larry Wharton (David “Shark” Fralick) re-hid the body for her when he saw she was in trouble.

Once the body was found, it was identified as Cassie’s birth father Frank Barritt! Sharon was the number one suspect in the murder.

Cameron finally stopped the ghost act. He was very much alive, and had been working with Grace to gaslight Sharon. Cameron eventually ended up in jail, and Grace escaped without a trace.

What kind of trouble will Sharon's old "pal" cause this time?