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Perkie's Observations: Franco Interrupts Carly's "CarSon" Sleepover on General Hospital

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Carly tells Sonny they have the place to themselves. The exes head up to the bedroom and make love. Carly regrets it afterwards, but Sonny enjoyed every moment.

Silas explains to Rosalie that Nina is stuck in the elevator. When she takes more potshots at him, Silas warns if she makes another comment he'll fire her.

Nina begs Franco not to let Silas know her secret. Franco promises her secret is safe with him; then heads off to confront Sonny.

Silas overhears and wonders what Nina's secret is. Nina admits she hasn't been going to her physical therapy. She claims she's finding Franco's art therapy sessions more therapeutic.

Nina explains she's been having a hard time dealing with the loss of her child, while Ava had Silas's baby. Silas apologizes for not realizing. He tells her there are good counselors she can see. Nina wants to stick with Franco.

Kiki stops by to wish her mother a happy birthday. She wonders why she's back at the penthouse.

Ava explains she's back in Julian's good graces. She asks about Kiki's living arrangements.

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Kiki tells her she's staying with Morgan at the Brownstone, because it was awkward living with Nina and Silas. Ava is surprised to hear Nina's living with Silas. Kiki says Nina is fine with her; Ava warns her to be careful of Nina.

Tracy reminds Alice not to rat her out to Michael, as he overhears. Alice admits to Michael what she overheard the day of her heart attack.

Tracy tries to pretend Alice is mistaken, but Michael sees through it. He fires his great-aunt.

Tracy vows to file a wrongful termination lawsuit. Michael says she won't get away with it.

Morgan sees Rosalie is upset. She tells him Silas nearly fired her.

She asks about his situation with Sonny and Ava. Morgan admits things are thawing between him and his father.

Ned gives Olivia the good news about Alice. Olivia apologizes for using Ned to make Sonny jealous; his obligation is done.

Ned says he's still interested, but Olivia isn't ready to date. Ned offers friendship only and Olivia agrees.

Nina updates Rosalie on Ava's pregnancy. Across town, Carly hears Franco arrive.

She tells Sonny he has to leave, which he has no intention of doing. Carly worries if Franco sees Sonny in her bed, he'll run straight to the police. Franco sees the two wine glasses.

Franco confronts Carly about the kiss Nina saw. Carly swears she was blindsided, but she pushed Sonny away. Franco demands to know who the second wine glass belongs to.