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Justin Hartley's 6 Most Memorable Roles

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After years of living in the primetime spotlight, Passions alum Justin Hartley is returning to daytime television. Before he takes over as Adam Newman on The Young and the Restless, let’s look back at some of his most memorable roles!

No. 6: Foxworth Crane, Passions

Hartley played billionaire playboy Fox Crane from 2002-06. He had memorable romances with Whitney Russell (Brook Kerr) and Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald (Lindsay Hartley). This was also the start of his long career in shirtless performances.

Aquaman, Justin Hartley

No. 5: A.C. Curry, Aquaman/Mercy Reef Pilot

Aquaman a.k.a Mercy Reef was to be a television series chronicling a young Floridian who discovers he can breathe underwater. Although The CW passed on the superhero show, it earned Hartley lots of buzz.

Smallville, Justin Hartley

No. 4: Oliver Queen, Smallville

When Aquaman didn’t work out, Hartley moved to Smallville. There he played Oliver Queen, and his hero alter ego, Green Arrow.  This gig recurred throughout the show's final five seasons.  

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Justin Hartley, Emily Owens MD

No. 3: Will Collins, Emily Owens M.D.

This medical soap only lasted one season on The CW, but it was enough to add to Hartley’s shirtless repertoire. Thanks, locker room scenes!


No. 2: Patrick Osbourne, Revenge

Hartley showed up in Season 3, playing the long-lost bio kid of the nefarious Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe), and got caught up in her schemes. Fortunately, he still had time to romance Nolan (Gabriel Mann).


No. 1: Scott Thompson, Mistresses

In his most recent gig, Hartely played Joss’ (Jes Macallan) love interest, where he had a fetish for shoes, and, once again, an aversion to shirts.