Spike TV's Tut Event Series Gets Twisted



Spike TV is staging a Twisted reunion. Deadlineis reporting the channel’s Tut event series has cast Kylie Bunbury. It was previously announced Avan Jogia would play King Tut, the youngest Pharaoh to ever rule Egypt. Bunbury’s character will be named Suhad.

While they played lovebirds on the recently-canceled ABC Family teen soap, nothing is known about their characters’ relationship in Tut.

The six-part historical series will revolve around the young Tutankhamun, who gained modern-ish fame with the discovery of his decadent tomb in 1922. The boy-king became Pharaoh at age 9, and died nine years later, ruling from ca. 1332–1323 BC.

Tut debuts in 2015.

Photo Credit: ABC Family