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Perkie's Observations: Will Ava Kill Michael For Fluke on General Hospital?

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Franco demands to know who took his place with Carly as Bobbie arrives. Carly lies and says her mother drank the wine with her.

Bobbie claims Scott cancelled a date so she was with Carly and then briefly went out, returning now. Franco decides he needs to check the bedroom. He heads up there as Carly worries what will happen when Sonny and Franco find each other.

Kiki and Ava discuss her pregnancy. Ava worries she's not up the task of being a mother again. Ava feels the baby kick and the two are excited.

Shawn and Jordan wake up together. He wonders why they're still sneaking around after 14 days together. Jordan says TJ would hate it and they need to keep their affair a secret.

Shawn begins to ask questions about Jordan's role in the Jerome organization. She quickly turns things back on him. Jordan questions if he always agrees with Sonny and what would happen if he didn't.

Jordan claims she won't be working for the Jeromes forever and will be free one day.

Michael explains to Ned what went down with Tracy and that she and Luke are still together. Ned doesn't understand why his mother puts so much faith in Luke.

Tracy Skypes with Luke and tells him what happened. Luke is angry that she let this happen. Tracy says they need a plan B and wants him to return and work with her.

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Luke claims he's trying to get to the other shareholders and to stick to the plan, because it will be all worth it. Ned storms in and tells Luke that he's lost and it's over.

Ned berates his mother for still being in cahoots with Luke. Tracy says she's trying to stop Michael from running the company into the ground.

Ned says he's protecting it from Luke. He doesn't understand why she doesn't see the real Luke. Ned says Luke used Tracy to get his hands on ELQ. Tracy slaps Ned and says Luke is the only one who loves her.

Ned tells her to get out. Tracy reminds him that it's Monica's house. Ned points out that Monica will have Michael's back over hers.

Michael tells Kiki what happened with Tracy. She points out that means Luke is still in the picture. Michael assures Kiki that he'll deal with Luke.

Luke Skypes Ava and asks about the information on Sonny. Ava doesn't have it, but is still trying to retrieve it. Luke says his patience is wearing thin and that she's been useless to him.

Ava claims she's capable and asks if there is anything else she can do. Luke tells her to kill Michael. Ava says she can't, because Kiki's in love with him. Luke says if she doesn't, she's just wasting his time.

Franco searches the bedroom for signs of Sonny while Bobbie keeps him company. Bobbie tells him Sonny always turns to Carly, but Carly has moved on.

Sonny calls Carly to let her know that he's outside and that he climbed out of the window. Sonny's worried Franco will spill the beans to Michael about AJ.

Sonny grabs Carly for another kiss and tells her to deny she feels anything. Carly tells him to leave.

Franco apologizes to Carly for thinking the worst of her. He says he loves her and doesn't want to lose her.