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Days of Our Lives Publishes Will Horton's EJami/EJabby Exposé on

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Will's (Guy Wilson) cunning piece of investigative journalism detailing Sami's (Alison Sweeney) revenge on EJ (James Scott) has Salem U.S.A in the fictional headlines. Now Days of Our Lives fans can read the damning story for themselves online!

Days of Our Lives has published the scathing TruVista magazine article, "A Business Affair: Sordid Details of DiMera Takeover" on

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Business is a gamble. Same as cheating, having an affair - and being on the losing end of it. You must be able to face the music when it all goes to hell, face your demons, and eventually move on. But that would not be enough for Sami Brady DiMera. She decided to engage in all-out war, and ended up with a massacre on her hands. I don't condone infidelity; therefore I do understand my mother's outrage at EJ's betrayal. But to go so far as to attempt to ruin the lives of friends and family members? To go to such extraordinary lengths for revenge? Some readers may think, "Ease up, Will. This is your mother. Not even a shred of sympathy or loyalty? Wasn't she the victim in all of this?" Of course she was. But what I can't abide was her inability, especially given that she herself has hardly led an exemplary life, to at least try to find it in her heart to forgive.

Read the entire expose at