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Perkie's Observations: Nothing Says Maternal Love Like Plotting to Kill Your Daughter's Boyfriend on General Hospital

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Sabrina is back in town and rocking a pair of jeans like nobody's business, considering she just had a baby five minutes ago. Patrick tells her Sam has been helping him solve mysteries.

He feels he isn't a loyal friend to Sam. He explains about Jason being alive—then "dead"—and Robin working to save him.

Patrick says he's getting a divorce. He thinks he should tell Sam the "truth" about Jason.

Sabrina points out Sam has already grieved Jason once. She shouldn't have to go through it again, because, really, Jason wasn't worth it the first time around.

Nina is upset about not having a baby. She starts raging about how everyone and their dog has one. Heck, Ava has two and doesn't even know who the baby daddy is! Rosa realizes one of the potential baby daddies is Morgan and that Nina's wound way too tight.

Nina complains she and Silas haven't even had sex. She swears she'll find a way to make a baby.

Ava confides in Julian about Luke wanting her to kill Michael for being a big meanie to Tracy. Julian explains Fluke is an imposter he met in Witness Protection. He's dangerous.

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Julian warns if Ava doesn't do what Fluke wants, he'll probably kill Kiki as punishment — which would actually endear him to most of the viewing audience.

Carly confronts Sonny at his office on the pretext that she wants him to stay away from her. This is negated by the fact she's in his office to tell him this...

Sonny quickly points out the obvious to her. You know there's something wrong when Sonny is the smartest one in the room.

Sonny figures Carly wants him and kisses her. She pulls away, realizing Sonny is just making out with her so she'll dump Franco.

Sam searches Rafe's phone for clues. Since none of the contacts are listed: "Person Who Hired Me to Run Patrick Off The Road", she has no answers.

Silas thinks this is all about Patrick. Sam reminds him she caught him making out with his wife. After Sam leaves, Silas finds a card with the Crichton-Clark logo among Rafe's possessions.

Franco is all pouty, because Sonny kissed Carly. Michael and Morgan realize it just means it's Friday.

Franco is certain nothing happened. Carly is with him now. She isn't two-timing him with the football jock under the bleachers.

Morgan reminds everyone Sonny's a horndog who sleeps with anyone, including Ava. Franco insists Carly is the most virtuous of virtuous women.

Ava calls Kiki and asks her to dinner. She instructs her to bring Michael. Nothing says maternal love quite like killing your daughter's boyfriend.