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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nikki Succumbs to Temptation!

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Nikki/Ian/Dylan/Kay's Memorial: Nikki's world view becomes even darker, when Ian goes missing. The socialite blames herself for all the trouble the perverted cult leader has caused.

Dylan sets out to track Ian down, causing Nikki even more anxiety. What does Nikki do when things get to real? Tie one on, of course! Watch for Mrs. Newman's demeanor at Katherine's memorial service to shock the crowd.

Shick/Mariah: The grifter gets herself into trouble, following her explosive confrontation with Sharon. Will Mariah's biological mother and Nick be able to save her from herself?

Phyllis: Red finally wakes up. Watch out, Sharon and Kelly!

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Colin/Jill: Jill is euphoric about her marriage, as she prepares for Katherine's memorial service. Jill really needs to grab her detective kit, because her mobster husband is still keeping quiet about his deadly debts!

Colin's "friends" want him to launder money through Fenmore's. Will he comply? Meanwhile, Jill is furious to learn Kay is still manipulating her life from heaven.

Devon/Hilary: The star-crossed lovers attempt to stifle the feelings they have for each other for Neil's sake. We'll see how that works out for them!

Lauren/Michael: When Lauren's big sister finds out about the sexual problems the department store diva is having with her hubby, she jumps to an obvious-for-Jill conclusion — Michael's having an affair! Does Big Sis know best, or is she way off?

Adam/Chelsea/Billy/Victoria/Stitch/Abby: Billy and Chelsea's connection continues to intensify, much to the chagrin of two Newman sibs. Will his arch rival cozying up to his wife and kid make a certain voyeur react from affair?

Victoria tries not to let Billy becoming close with his bio baby mama affect her. She also continues to try to keep Stitch at bay. Watch for Abby to continue to provide help in that department.