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Perkie's Observations: Ava Serves a Deliciously-Deadly Chocolate Mousse on General Hospital

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Ava left the safety of the penthouse to get groceries for her dinner with Kiki and Michael. She tells a worried Julian she needed to pick up a little poison for dessert. I guess Toxins-R-Us doesn't deliver.

Ava explains the drug will be painless. Everyone will think Michael died of heart failure. Ava figures Kiki will be devastated, but she'll help her through it.

Michael isn't sure about going to dinner at the Jeromes; the penthouse was where AJ was shot. He decides it might give him closure and agrees to go.

Dante asks for Sonny's help in finding Lulu and Maxie. He explains about the stolen jewels.

Sonny heard rumors about someone setting up a fencing operation. He points the finger at Coleman.

Olivia and Ned reminisce about the good old days, following their movie night. Olivia wonders why she hasn't heard from Dante and Lulu.Coleman tells them what happened at the wedding.

Maxie manages to untie herself. She demands to know what Levi has done with Lulu.

Levi puts his gun down. Scribner drags Lulu back in. Lulu grabs the gun and turns in on Scribner, but Levi points one at Maxie. The girls are tied back up.

Maxie blames herself for the mess they're in. Lulu says no one believed Levi was capable of all of this.

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Maxie points out it's Georgie's first birthday. She's missing it. If only she had listened to Nathan's warnings about Levi.

Nikolas has a private security team out helping to find Lulu. Liz is certain they'll come home safely.

Nikolas admits Britt was with him when Liz called. Later, Britt happily tells Liz she and Nikolas almost had sex.

Nathan confides in Britt about his feelings for Maxie. He worries it may be too late to help her.

Britt is certain Maxie is still alive. She tells her brother not to give up hope.

Ava apologizes to Michael for hurting Morgan. Michael says the baby is part of his family now.

Ava wonders what else is bothering him. Michael mentions AJ's death in the penthouse. Ava claims she had no idea Carlos would do such a thing.

Dante confronts Coleman about his black market fencing business. Coleman swears he had no idea the girls would be kidnapped. He was only in it for the money.

Lulu and Maxie continue to annoy their captors. Scribner says they're waiting to be paid; then the girls will be let go. Levi says he has no intention of letting them go.

Julian stops by to see Sonny. I guess for the monthly penis measuring contest.

Ava serves her poisoned chocolate mousse. I'm putting money on her accidentally eating it and thereby miscarrying.

Dante and Nathan get to the safe house to rescue the girls.