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Perkie's Observations: Nathan and Dante Are Desperate to Find Their Ladies on General Hospital

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Dante and Nathan find blood in the cabin, causing them to worry about the girls' safety. They come across Scribner. He explains Levi shot him before taking the girls, then passes out.

Ava is grateful Michael can put aside their differences. Michael makes a comment about Luke's unwanted attentions to Kiki. She is then forced to explain to her mother what happened.

Ava is angry. Kiki admits she thought no one would believe her.

Ava decides she's going to make Luke pay. Ava knocks the dessert out of Michael's hand, before he has a chance to eat it.

Julian tells Sonny they don't have to be enemies; there's room for both of them. Sonny disagrees. The sand box is all his.

Lucy runs into Scott at PCPD. She takes the opportunity to ask if he's made a decision about who he wants. Lucy, honey, if he hasn't made a decision by now, he's not worth chasing.

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Tracy complains about her living arrangements to Ned, who's at the Floating Rib with Olivia. Ned tells her about Lulu being kidnapped.

Tracy tries several times to reach Luke, but doesn't hear back from him. Ned feels Luke has more important things on his mind than his daughter's safety.

Carly apologizes to Franco again for not telling him about Sonny's kiss. The two end up at the Rib, where they find out about Lulu. Carly thinks she should talk to Sonny.

Ned explains Olivia is already talking to Sonny, so the two head to the station. Carly insists Scott tell her what he's doing to find Lulu.

Sonny and Olivia arrive. Scott tells them all Scribner was found, but not the others.

Scotty is distracted by Lucy. Franco comments about the nightcap he had with Bobbie, which Scotty knows nothing about. Carly complains to Sonny, who assures them Dante will find the girls.

Julian gets home and wonders how long Micheal has to live. Ava tells him she didn't kill MIchael. She's angry with Luke.

Ava wants to call Luke and tell him she refuses to take orders from him. Julian warns if she pisses him off, Luke will retaliate.

Ava refuses to kill Michael. Julian tells her she needs to get the recording for Luke. Ava is certain Franco won't help her.

Nathan and Dante try to find clues as to where Levi would have taken the girls. The two find an article about Frisco and the Aztec jewels.