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Perkie's Observations: What In Frisco's Name is Going on With The WSB on General Hospital?

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Dante and Nathan decide they need to get in touch with Frisco. Dante heads to the station to talk to Anna while Nathan heads to the hospital to talk to Felicia.

Carly continues to worry about Lulu and is annoyed when Sonny tries to comfort her. She doesn't want Franco to get the wrong idea. Sonny tells her he'll be there for her when she realizes she made a mistake with Franco.

Anna and then Nathan arrive to the hospital and update Mac and Felicia. Nathan shows the newspaper clipping of Frisco. Felicia says she called the WSB, but that she has no idea where Frisco is. Anna tries, but gets nowhere with the WSB either.

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Mac wonders if Frisco is behind this, that it's too coincidental. However, Felicia is certain that he would never jeopardize Maxie's life.

Silas shows Nina the clinic card that he found in Rafe's belongings. That's where she spent her coma and thinks maybe Rosalie had the card. Silas also shows her the money in Rafe's wallet, but Nina denies giving it to Rafe.

Nina admits to Silas that she wants a baby. Silas points out that the coma could have caused problems, but Nina just wants to be with him. She stands up and says she can't live in limbo. He picks her up and takes her to his room.

Patrick and Sam end up at The Rib together and agree to a pool game. They agree that the loser has to do whatever the other wants. When Sam wins, she says she wants Patrick to shave his beard.

Franco explains to Scotty what happened with the pizza and wine. Scotty tells him that he met Bobbie for dinner. Franco asks to see his phone; to know if they were together when Carly claimed Bobbie was with her.

Olivia worries about Dante and tells him to go home to Rocco and to get some rest. Sonny assures Dante that he'll stay. As Franco and Carly are leaving, Franco warns Sonny to stay away from Carly.
Anna questions Scribner, who doesn't know where Levi was taking the girls. However, he knows Levi was an alias. He says Levi's real

name is Peter Harrell. Felicia says that was her fiancé's name.