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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Realizes Levi Has a Personal Grudge Against Her and Lulu on General Hospital

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Nina and Silas wake up in bed together. She worries about her performance.

He reassures her all was good. Nina wonders if they made a baby. Silas says they need to be realistic, a concept Nina clearly needs to look up in the dictionary. Silas doesn't want Nina to be disappointed if she didn't conceive.

Liz offers her babysitting services to Dante. She reassures him Lulu will survive; she's a Spencer.

Levi has the girls bound and gagged in a cabin. When he removes Maxie's gag for breakfast, she calls for help. He tells her no one will hear them.

Maxie and Lulu nag at him until Levi admits this operation is personal. They are more than just hostages to him.

Maxie wants him to let Lulu go. Levi says she's just as involved as Maxie is.

Levi gets tired of their talk and throws his phone, knocking Maxie's drink out of her hand. He says she's as bad as her mother. He calls Felicia a lying, cheating bitch.

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Maxie doesn't understand his hostility towards her mother. Levi says no one mattered to Felicia except Frisco. She even left her daughters for him. He storms out.

Nikolas and Britt stop by the station to check on progress. Anna says she has a lead, but can't tell them about it just yet. She explains Peter Harrell's past with Felicia to Nathan and Dante.

Anna complains the WSB is not cooperating; she can't get a hold of Frisco. They decide Levi must be Peter Harrell's son, out for revenge.

Lucas and Brad come up for air after two days in bed together. They're happy to have found their way back to each other.

Britt gets home and Brad asks about her night with Nikolas. Britt tells them about Lulu's kidnapping. Lucas heads out to be with his family.

Sabrina and Felix are reunited. He tells her about changing his mind regarding the threesome.

She explains the accident that killed her son was deliberate. Sabrina is determined to find out who was responsible.

Nikolas finds Liz at Dante's and gives her an update. Liz mentions how Britt has been by his side. She told Liz they almost had sex.

Liz says both she and Britt have feelings for him. Nikolas admits what Britt said was true, but he has feelings for LIz.

Nina introduces herself to Britt at the hospital and says she's Britt's next patient. Nina wants to know if she's pregnant.

Lulu spots Levi's phone beside Maxie. Maxie manages to kick it up to Lulu. Lulu calls Dante.