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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Never Stopped Loving Elizabeth on General Hospital!

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Lulu tells Dante that they're being held in a house. Maxie adds that they drove about an hour before getting there. The boys try to trace the call. Dante explains that Levi's real name is Peter Harrell, the same name of a man once engaged to Felicia.

Levi returns and takes the phone away. Dante tells him to release the girls. Levi refuses and hangs up. Dante worries that Levi will panic and do something stupid. Nathan reassures him that Levi needs the girls for something. They get a hit on the trace.

Sabrina visits with Carlos and explains what happened to Gabriel. She apologizes for blaming him, since Rafe was responsible. Sabrina wonders what Carlos is hiding from her. She asks if he knows who put Rafe up to it.

Carlos warns her to stop asking questions or she'll end up dead. He says he's trying to protect her from Ava.

Ava speaks to Fluke by phone and tries to convince him that killing Michael is not their best option right now. She feels all she needs is to get the proof about Sonny and promises to deliver. Ava heads to the hospital to find Franco.

Silas tells Franco to back off Nina, since he doesn't trust the former serial killer. He doesn't want Franco to discourage Nina's physical therapy. Franco smirks at that thought, which annoys Silas even more.

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Franco claims Nina doesn't need physical therapy right now and that she told him about wanting a baby, which surprises Silas.

Britt asks Nina about her symptoms. Nina tells her that she made love yesterday. Britt, with a WTF look on her face, points out that it would be too early to tell, but offers to run some tests.

Nina asks about children. Britt tells her about giving up Ben, because he wasn't hers. Nina understands that people do desperate things.

Nikolas tells Liz that he never stopped loving her, even though he was minutes away from sexing her enemy. He kisses Liz, but she pushes him off and calls him a jackass.

Nikolas says their timing was never right but it could be now. Liz says Nik still has feelings for Britt and she wants someone who's there all the time, not just during rough patches. Nikolas disagrees, but can't deny his feelings for Britt.

Britt returns with Nina's test results. Turns out she's in early menopause and can't conceive. Nina is shocked since she's so young. Britt says the coma took its toll and offers Kevin's services. Nina is determined to get a baby one way or another.

Nina and Ava bump into each other.

Maxie and Lulu continue to taunt Levi. Maxie's angry with herself for not seeing Nathan when he was right in front of her. Levi gets tired of their yammering and decides he needs to move them before the police show up.

Dante announces himself with a giant bullhorn, right outside their door. Dante honey, maybe the element of surprise would have worked in your favor.