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Perkie's Observations: Can Sabrina Take on Ava on General Hospital?

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Lulu and Maxie are thrilled to hear Dante's voice outside and warn Levi to give himself up.

Levi drags Lulu out at gunpoint and gives his list of demands, including a helicopter and money.

Carlos begs Sabrina to forget what he's told her, but Sabrina pushes him. She finds out that Carlos is innocent and that Ava made him confess.

Sabrina wants Carlos to tell the police because Ava has to pay for Gabriel's death, but Carlos warns her that Ava will come after her or Patrick and Emma in retaliation.

Carlos tells Sabrina to go on with her life and not to give in to the hate, but Sabrina feels this is the person she has become.

Nina recognizes Ava from the photo that her mother showed her of Ava and Silas together. Ava dismisses Nina, but Nina grabs her arm.

Ava apologizes for what Nina has gone through, but points out Nina won Silas in the end. Nina mentions knowing Kiki and Ava warns her away from her daughter.

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Nina comments on the current pregnancy and admits she's jealous since she lost her child. Nina claims she and Silas can have their own baby. She then reaches over and touches Ava's belly, which Ava does not like.

Silas tells Kiki about his run in with Franco regarding Nina and shares about their bedroom reunion. Kiki wonders if Nina is a rebound for Silas or if he's recommitted to his marriage. Silas feels he can make it work, but Kiki wonders if he's in love with Nina or just owes her.

Michael and Morgan check in with Sonny for an update on Lulu and Maxie. They wonder why Carly isn't worrying with them. Michael mentions his dinner with Ava, which concerns Sonny. However, Michael says the baby is family and he wanted to see where AJ was shot.

Carly meets up with Franco, who knows that she's worried about Lulu. He tells her to go and be with her family. They declare their love for each other and agree that they've come out the other side of their rough patch.

Nina tells Silas that she spoke with Britt and that they can go ahead and have a baby.

Franco runs into Ava, who wants the recording, but Franco tells her that he won't go against Sonny.

Dante tries to convince Levi to let the girls go while Nathan tries to find another way into the cabin. Levi claims he'll take Lulu with him since he has plans for her.

Lulu elbows Levi, giving Dante a chance to shoot him in the arm. Everyone celebrates until someone tosses a gas canister into the room, knocking out everyone as Nathan watches helplessly.

Carly goes to Sonny to tell him that she and Franco are back on track and have worked things out. Kiki overhears her tell Sonny that Franco can't know they slept together.