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Meredith Vieira on New Talk Show: "I'm Nervous Before Every Show"

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After high profile gigs on 60 Minutes, The View, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, and Today, Meredith Vieira admits she still gets jitters! Vieira, whose self-titled daytime talk show debuts Sept. 8, dished about her nerves with TV Guide Magazine.  Read an excerpt below!

TV Guide Magazine: It appears that being on television has never really been the oxygen that sustains you. Are you aware of that? Does it help you as you do your job?
Vieira: I don't think so. What I like most about doing this is connecting to people. That's what I missed most about the job, and that's why I wanted to come back and try it again. But I'm nervous before every show because I'm a perfectionist.

TV Guide Magazine: How nervous? You don't throw up, do you?
Vieira: No, I don't throw up. But this is my third [taping], so I'm a little better today than I was the first day. But it's a big responsibility. My name is in the title now. I've done a lot of shows, but it's my name — I hate that.

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