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Perkie's Observations: Will Kiki Tell Franco About Sonny and Carly's Affair on General Hospital?

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Carly worries what Kiki will do. She swears she and Sonny can't happen again.


Sonny kisses her, but she tells him they need to focus on Dante and Lulu. Sonny swears he was only trying to make her feel better.

Nina updates Rosalie on the card found in Rafe's things.  Rosalie says she's never seen the card before.

Nina mentions the run-in with Ava.  She wants a baby so badly, but Britt told her she couldn't have kids.

Nina swears she'll prove Britt wrong and have a baby. She starts looking up baby stuff online, while muttering about Ava's baby. Rosalie asks if Nina is planning on stealing Ava's baby. Nina claims that would be crazy.

Patrick tells Sabrina about the card from the clinic. Robin works for a dangerous man. He could have caused the accident to keep Patrick quiet.

Sabrina doesn't believe Robin's boss caused the accident. She reminds Patrick he'll have to tell Sam about Jason if he pursues this.

Sam explains to Alexis her theories about Nina's eavesdropping and not needing the wheelchair. Sam mentions Patrick helping her.

Alexis tells her  she and Julian are done. Alexis wonders about Sam's feelings for Patrick. Sam swears they're just friends.

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Ava complains to Julian about Franco not helping her. She worries about what Fluke will do. Julian promises to have her back.

Ava tells him about her encounter  with Nina. The woman behaved strangely. Later, Sabrina implied Ava was responsible for the accident.

Ava swears, while she considered going after Sabrina, she didn't set up the accident. Julian wonders why she wanted Carlos to confess in the first place.

Kiki goes to Franco. She beats around the bush long enough for Carly to arrive and stop her from telling him. Franco wonders why Kiki was behaving strangely.

Sonny tells Shawn what happened with Kiki. He fears Franco will tell Michael about AJ, if he learns the truth about Sonny and Carly.

Shawn asks if he should take Franco out. Sonny holds him off.

Shawn tells him Ava was at the hospital to meet with Franco. This doesn't make Sonny happy.

Shawn says he's making plans to grab Ava. He'll only get one chance, so he has to plan it right. Sonny reminds him not to harm the baby.

Kiki offers her condolences to Sabrina. The nurse continues to mutter she'll make Ava pay.

Patrick stops by the penthouse to show Sam his clean-shaven face. She asks for any leads. Patrick doesn't tell her about the clinic card.