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Billy Flynn on Chad's DAYS Return: "He's Been Spending All This Time With Stefano"


Chad DiMera will be a new man when he returns to Salem U.S.A. on Friday, Sept. 12, in more ways than one! Days of Our Lives newcomer Billy Flynn gave an exclusive interview to The Wrap about taking over the role created by Casey Jon Deidrick.

Apparently Chad has been hanging out with his Pops, the diabolical Stefano DiMera (Joe Mascolo), a lot since leaving town. Will The Phoenix's influence color how Chad deals with ex-girlfriend Abigail (Kate Mansi) sleeping with his brother EJ (James Scott)?

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Here's what Flynn told The Wrap's Tim Kenneally:

I think Stefano was grooming him, is the way I looked at it. The way I've always kind of said it, he kind of reminds me of Prince William and Prince Harry. EJ's kind of Prince William, and Chad DiMera, as he comes back, he's the kind of guy who will end up on the cover of TMZ naked and getting into trouble. He kind of comes back like that — he's charming, he's witty, he's sarcastic. He's still kind of becoming a man. He comes back, he decks a very prominent family member in the face to let him know that he means business. We kind of find out where Chad's loyalties lie through the first two weeks of the journey, which are pretty much to himself now. The way I look at it, much like Stefano, everything's kind of a chess game. With Chad coming back, everything is a chess game, and everyone in Salem is a pawn. He's going to use anybody he absolutely can. He's come back in the picture and he's ready to assert his place as a prominent member of the DiMera family.

So Elvis is the heir and Chad is the spare? I like it! Are you excited for Flynn's DAYS debut? Sound off in the comments!

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