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Shemar Moore Teases Malcolm's "Preachy" Young & Restless Return


Malcolm Winters will be wagging his sexy fingers when Shemar Moore returns to The Young and the Restless this coming Wednesday, Sept. 10. Too bad blind-as-a-bat big brother Neil (Kristoff St. John) won't be able to see it!

In an interview with TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan, the Criminal Minds hunk shared the in demand photographer will be a bit judgmental with his ailing sibling during this particular stint. Said Moore:

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I probably shouldn't say this, but I think Malcolm comes back a little too preachy — 42 pages worth of preachin'! The audience is gonna be, like, "It was good to see Shemar but, damn, he wouldn't shut up!" It's a good thing Malcolm doesn't know that [Neil's adopted son] Devon is getting it on with Neil's wife. [Laughs] He'd have to go another 42 pages...and then knock Devon around a bit.

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Moore also revealed he and St. John went to showrunner Jill Farren Phelps to request permission to rework their scenes, due to the script not properly showcasing the history of the Winters men. Here's an excerpt:

TV Guide Magazine: Is it true you needed to rework the script?

Moore: The original script did not pay enough attention to the Winters family history — they had us discussing all this more recent stuff Malcolm didn't know anything about — so I got on the phone with Kristoff and we worked out a few ideas. We then went to speak with Mrs. Phelps [executive producer Jill Farren Phelps] and expressed our concerns and she was great. We were able to get in some great references to the past that I think the longtime audience will really appreciate. I hope and believe the fans will like what they witness, but I think they're going to wish that many other questions and topics had been addressed. But, hey, the silver lining is that Malcolm can always come back to Genoa City because Shemar would love to come back. [Laughs] Just as soon as I de-stress!

Shemar Moore's two-episode return to Y&R as Malcolm Winters begins Sept. 10