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Perkie's Observations: The Action Moves to Crichton Clinic on General Hospital

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Lulu and Dante wake up handcuffed at Crichton Clinic. They try to piece together what happened and how they ended up there.

Lulu thinks her involvement has to do with her father.  Dante is reluctant to tell her about Luke being the voice Jordan heard on the phone. Eventually he tells Lulu that Luke is a person of interest.

Nathan is brought in blindfolded. He gets roughed up by the henchmen, until Victor arrives to stop it.  Victor wipes off some of Nathan's blood on a tissue and tosses him in a room with Maxie.

Nathan says he recognizes the facility as being the one where he visited Nina so many times.  He says Victor's in charge.

Liesl bursts into Anna's office and accuses her of putting Nathan in harms way on purpose. She says Anna wants to kill her son,  like she killed Faison.

Anna denies killing Faison. Liesl begs for proof. Anna refuses her.

 Anna accuses Liesl of not caring about Nathan. She says Liesl is only using him to get information on Faison and orders her out.  Liesl warns that they aren't finished.

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Britt tells Nikolas about the possibility of Victor being Nathan's father.  Britt mentions how her mother believes Anna killed Faison.

Spencer tells Emma he knows who was responsible for the accident, but then backtracks. He decides he can't tell her for her own safety.

Sam questions why Patrick didn't tell her about the clinic card. He claims he didn't feel it was important.  Emma interrupts to tell Patrick that Spencer knows something. Spencer denies it.

Sam tells Spencer they are the good guys and need to stand up for those that can't stand up for themselves.  Spencer says he promised he wouldn't tell, because the person threatened Emma.  Patrick says person needs to be stopped.  Spencer says it was Luke.

Maxie blames herself for getting everyone into this mess. Nathan reminds her Levi was a very good con artist.  He says it hurts to watch her tear herself down.

Nathan asks why she came to her senses at the wedding. Maxie says it was because of him.

Liesl calls Victor for help in finding Nathan. She feels the police can't be trusted.

 Victor agrees to help if she'll tell him if Nathan is his son.  Liesl denies it. Victor tells her he has Nathan's DNA. He warns her of consequences if she's kept his son from him for all these years.

Britt and Nikolas ask Anna about Liesl's allegations.  Anna says Faison harassed her for years . When he was caught, she questioned whether to put him away again or not. Liesl interrupts to tell them she thinks she knows where Nathan and the others are.

Lulu is shocked when someone enters their room.  Victor?  Stavros?  Fluke?