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Perkie's Observations: Frosty The Snow Cassadine Returns on General Hospital



Dante and Lulu are shocked to see a not-so-dead Stavros. He has plans for Lulu.

Stavros explains his intention to start a family with Lulu. She's quick to tell him that, thanks to him, she can't have a child except for her remaining embryo.

Stavros explains before he froze her,  he took one of her eggs and created their embryo. He plans on implanting it.

Liesl tells Anna, Nikolas and Britt she spoke with Victor. She reveals he's head of the WSB.

Anna finally understands why she's getting the run-around. She questions why Liesl and Victor are so close.

Britt mentions Victor possibly being Nathan's father. Liesl says she'll tell them where she thinks Nathan is being held, if Anna gives her the truth about Faison.

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Maxie asks if Nathan has feelings for her, like Mac told her. Nathan admits he's felt something for her ever since they met. He could see her pain. Maxie complains Levi ruined her chances with Georgie.

Nathan asks what Maxie's feelings are for him. Maxie says she doesn't trust her feelings, or her judgement. She can't answer his question right now.

Levi complains to Victor about wanting revenge on Dante for shooting him. Victor reminds Levi who the boss is.  Besides, he's more concerned about giving Stavros what he wants.

Spencer says he overheard Luke say he was going after Sonny. Luke said he'd hurt Emma, if Spencer blabbed. Patrick wonders if they should tell Anna. Spencer feels it would put Emma in danger.

Patrick and Sam agree not to say anything. They'll explore this on their own.

Carly stops by Dante and Lulu's apartment to relieve Olivia of babysitting duties. She finds Sonny there instead.

Carly thinks they shouldn't be alone together. She's still worried Kiki will tell Franco she and Sonny slept together.

Sonny kisses her. Carly pulls back and starts to leave.

Sonny asks for help with Rocco. Carly talks about Ava and wonders what will happen to the baby once the mother is out of the picture.

Britt tells her mother to do right by Nathan. Forget about Faison and tell them what she knows. Liesl says Victor has everyone at the clinic.