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Perkie's Observations: Stavros Mixed His Spunk With Lulu's Stolen Eggs on General Hospital

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Lulu tries to throw off Stavros by telling him she can't carry a baby. Unfortunately, he's been doing his homework since being defrosted and knows about the procedure she had done.

Lulu points out everything Maxie had to go through to prepare her body for surrogacy. Stavros says this will only delay the inevitable — he will have Lulu and his baby. Dante swears he'll protect Lulu.

Nathan manages to get a paper clip. He uses it to unlock Maxie's handcuffs.

One of Victor's minions checks up on them. As he's leaving, Nathan manages to get the door to stay open. Maxie decides she's going for help.

Olivia continues to worry about Dante and Lulu. Ned tells her to rely on her faith.

Julian stops by while Alexis is with Danny. She reminds him they are broken up. Julian asks to spend time with Danny. Alexis leaves him to it.

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Jordan pays Ava a visit. She gives her charm bracelet, which is supposed to protect the baby.

Jordan wants to know the identity of the boss.  Ava warns her against it.

Ava admits Kiki has been threatened; TJ could be as well. Jordan wants them to team up and take out the boss.

TJ wonders who Shawn's new girlfriend is. At first, Shawn isn't forthcoming. He finally caves and tells TJ the truth.

TJ i surprises Shawn is with Jordan, considering what she does for a living. Shawn admits he and Jordan care about each other. TJ gives his blessing.

Alexis runs into Ned. He tells her he and Olivia are only friends. Alexis asks if he wants to go out with her. Ned agrees.

Molly is annoyed to find Julian at home. She wants him to tell her the truth about Ric. She shows him the letter her father wrote her. Before Julian has a chance to say anything, Alexis arrives.

Alexis tells Julian they are truly over. She's moving on with someone else.

Nathan doesn't want Maxie to go off on her own. She feels it's her turn to do right by everyone and promises to come back for him.

Before Ava can tell Jordan who their boss is she starts having baby pains.