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'Millionaire' Host Terry Crews Takes Stand Against Domestic Violence (VIDEO)

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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire host Terry Crews is standing up for women. In an interview with ET, he spoke about the recent domestic violence scandal with former NFL player Ray Rice.

The former professional football player passionately revealed the violence he witnessed in his home growing up, and his views on the overall attitudes which perpetuate violence against women. Said Crews:

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The NFL culture, the sports culture, has decided that they are more valuable than women. I've heard people laugh about keeping their pimp hand strong and keeping her in control so that she knows her place. But think about how evil that is for one man to think that he's actually more valuable than a woman, because as a human being you're worth is immeasurable.

Watch the full clip below to hear Crews' empowering beliefs, and if he thinks  Rice will ever play for the NFL again.