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Perkie's Observations: Sabrina Has a Terrible Bedside Manner With Ava on General Hospital



Ava claims the pain has passed.  When it returns, Jordan insists on taking her to the hospital.

Rosa is happy when she gets a message from Morgan asking her to join him. Nina reminds her she wants Rosalie to break up Michael and Kiki. Rosalie questions what Nina plans to do, once her revenge on everyone is over. Silas arrives.

Sabrina snaps at Felix, then apologizes. He asks if there are any new leads. He then assures her Sam will get the job done.

Sam and Patrick discuss what Spencer told them about Luke. Patrick wonders if he should tell Anna. Sam worries Luke will find out they're investigating him and go into hiding.

Sam wonders about the man Spencer saw talking to Luke. She says they need to track Luke's moves. Danny interrupts and Patrick is happy to play cars with him.

Michael and Kiki are happy Morgan wants to move on with Rosalie. Kiki feels he needs to make peace with Ava. Morgan gets angry about the two of them pushing the issue.

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Silas questions what Nina was talking about concerning her list. She claims she's thinking of Christmas gifts.

Nina asks why Silas is suspicious of her. Silas tells her  Sam went to the clinic to check up on her.

Nina swears there's nothing to find. She says Sam is harassing her. Later, she mutters she'll put Sam back on her list.

Ava is brought into the hospital. Sabrina is less than helpful. She goes so far as to say Ava may be miscarrying.

Jordan asks about Ava's condition. Felix is quick to talk down to her about what she does for a living.

The doctor finally arrives. Ava learns she's simply having false contractions.

Rosalie finds Michael alone. The two talk about the mess that is the Corinthos family dynamics.

Rosalie wonders if it bothers Michael that Kiki and Morgan are so close. He swears they're just friends.

Kiki apologizes to Morgan for insisting he make up with Ava. Rosalie overhears, as Kiki mentions not telling Michael that Sonny and Carly slept together.