Ex-Producer Sues The View For $1 Million

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The backstage drama continues over at The View. Radar Online is reporting a former producer for the talk show has hit them with an age discrimination lawsuit.

According to the site, Bernadette Piccolomini filed claims in a Brooklyn Federal Court alleging the show moved her to Los Angeles as a way to phase her out. Piccolomini claims in her suit,

Immediately upon the described reorganization, the younger and less experienced [new boss] commenced a course of abusive conduct against the older Plaintiff.

Once Piccolomini told her grievances to ABC and their investigation came up empty, she asserts they gave her a choice to move to Los Angeles or get fired. Piccolomini refused their offer, and reportedly found herself  out of ajob in 2013. Piccolomini is going after the show for emotional distress to the tune of $1 million.