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10 Unforgettable Moments in The Saga of Shick on The Young and the Restless

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Nicholas Newman (Joshua Morrow) and Sharon Collins Newman (Sharon Case) are one of the few supercouples from the 1990’s to still be around today. The Young and the Restless lovers  recently became engaged again, and the magic is still there. What better way to celebrate their engagement than by recalling 10 Unforgettable Moments in The Saga of Shick?

Polynesian Dance Shick

King and Queen

Wealthy Nicolas Newman fell in love with earnest pauper Sharon Collins at first sight. Naturally, the two were dating other people, but soon found their way to one another.

Nick’s father, Victor (Eric Braeden), was always fond of Sharon, but his mother, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), couldn’t stand her. Since Sharon came from much lesser means than Nick, Nikki was sure the girl was a gold digger. Nick eventually moved in with Victor, because of Nikki’s dislike of Sharon.

Sharon and Nick dated in high school, and were even crowned King and Queen of the Senior Polynesian Dance. How adorable!

Sharon and Nick’s respective former flames Matt Clark (Eddie Cibrian) and Amy Wilson (Julianne Morris) were not amused. They soon plotted their revenge against the couple.

Lies Shick

A Hidden Past

Matt Clark and Nick Newman were never friends. Matt was with Sharon first, and Nick stole her away. Matt beat up Nick a few times, but the fight was far from over. Matt raped Sharon to get back at Nick, but she never told anyone except her therapist.

After the dance, Matt found out Sharon had given up a child for adoption when she was 16. Nick was clueless about Sharon’s past. Matt quickly took the opportunity to inform him. Nick believed it was a lie, and got into another fistfight with Matt. The two beat each other to a pulp, until Sharon finally admitted everything was true.

Nick and Sharon broke up, but not for long. The two soon made up and decided to elope. When it was time to make love, Sharon couldn’t go through with it. She confessed the rape to Nick and he stormed off to find Matt.

Nick burst into Matt’s apartment to find him in a pool of blood due to a gunshot wound. The police arrived and arrested Nick as the culprit to the crime.

Nick thought Sharon shot him, so he took the fall for her. Matt named Nick as his shooter, and Nick was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Victor was not having this, and searched for the real shooter. It turned out Amy Wilson shot Matt after he raped her. Nick was acquitted of all charges, and reunited with Sharon.


First Marriage

After the Matt Clark debacle, Nick and Sharon just wanted to be together. They decided to have a real wedding, instead of eloping again. They kept things small, but beautiful.

While Nikki didn’t approve, she attended. She didn’t do a good job of hiding her distaste for the bride, but it didn’t matter. Nick and Sharon were officially husband and wife.

Noah Shick

Noah’s Birth

Nick was perfectly happy being married, but Sharon had doubts. She became unsure of their relationship, and wanted Nick to stay put. Sharon decided to stop taking her birth control pills to become pregnant.

Sharon’s plan worked like a dream, and she was pregnant in no time. Nick wanted to wait a little while before having children and suggested an abortion. A heartbroken Sharon scheduled the abortion, but Nick had a change of heart at the last minute.

Sharon’s pregnancy became dire towards the end of it. She accidentally slipped on a sheet of ice, and went into early labor.

Noah Christian Newman was born early, and very sick. When the child’s health looked bleak, Sharon’s best friend Grace Turner (Jennifer Gareis) decided to find the baby Sharon gave up for adoption years ago.

Miraculously, Noah lived and Grace found the missing child, Cassie (Camryn Grimes). Grace lied to Sharon about Cassie’s identity for a year until she finally came clean.

Grace always wanted Nick to be her man, but he felt differently. Grace managed to deceive Nick into sleeping with her a few times in the early days, but he always went back to Sharon.

Carter Shick

Same Man, Different Face

After Nick and Sharon bought Crimson Lights Coffee House to save it from going out of business, a blast from their past showed up. Matt Clark (Rick Hearst)—now going by the name Carter Mills, and with a new face courtesy of plastic surgery—was hired as an employee at CL. He was back in town to get his revenge against Nick and Sharon.

Matt worked with Larry Wharton (David “Shark” Fralick), Nick’s former cellmate in prison to set up Nick for selling drugs. Matt even dragged the unstable Tricia Dennison (Sabryn Genet) into the fold.

Matt as Carter soon become CL’s most trusted employees.  The Newmans even chose to be a manager at a new location. Sharon and Nick invited him to a planning dinner at their house one night.

Matt saw this as his chance to make a move. He made sure Nick would be late to dinner, so he could get Sharon alone. He drugged her margarita, and attempted to rape her. Before he could get started, Nick walked in. Nick figured Sharon had too much to drink, and forced Matt to go home.

Soon after, Nick was thrown in jail for selling drugs. Matt set out to get Sharon once and for all. He baited Sharon into a secluded cabin in the woods and attempted to rape her yet again. However, Tricia caught him about to rape Sharon and Victor Newman showed up.

Matt hightailed it out of there and got in a car with Tricia. The always-demented Tricia had enough of Matt and drove both of them off a cliff in a suicide attempt.

They both made it out alive, but Matt’s injuries were severe. No one expected him to live very long after the accident. He pulled out his breathing tube to make it look like Nick killed him.

With his dying breath, he lied to  Nick about raping Sharon yet again. Nick was taken back to jail for his murder, but later acquitted due to Larry Wharton and Tricia’s testimonies.

Arabian Nights Shick
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Arabian Nights

During one of Nick and Sharon’s solid times, Nick planned a big romantic surprise for her. After all, he learned from the king of the grand gesture, his father Victor Newman.

Nick led Sharon on a short journey though the Newman Ranch to a tent he had set up for them. Inside was an Arabian paradise for both of them to enjoy.

Needless to say, the two made love and enjoyed each other’s company. Not to mention, they were totally hot. Whew!


Stolen Kiss

For every good period of time in a relationship, there must be some bad. Nick and Sharon went through the ringer with a stillborn child, and having affairs with Grace and Diego Guittierez (Greg Vaughan) respectively.

Sharon actually filed for divorce, while Nick was doing some serious soul searching. He ultimately decided to repair his marriage.

Armed with flowers, Nick was on the way to visit Sharon when he got an eyeful. He peered through the window at the Newman Ranch to see Sharon kissing his father!

Nick was livid with Sharon and Victor. Any thoughts of possibly reuniting with Sharon went out the window. Victor felt responsible for the kiss, but Nick wasn’t hearing it. Sharon decided everything was too messed up in her life, so she left town for a few months. She eventually returned because of Cassie’s accident in the ice pond, but things were still a mess.

Cassie's_death Shick

Cassie’s Death

Cassie turned 14 and began hanging out with the slightly older Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) and Sierra Hoffman (Asia Smith). She wanted to act just like them, but it was getting her in trouble.

Cassie started skipping school, talking back and getting rides from older boys. She ended up getting grounded the night of a secret party in the park. Her crush, Daniel Romalotti (Michael Graziadei), was sure to be there, so Cassie had to go. Daniel had a thing going on with Lily, but that didn’t stop Cassie.

She managed to get Nick to let her go out that night to “watch a movie” with her friend Ali. Sharon didn’t approve, but went along with it.

Cassie went to the party, and had a great time. Daniel ended up getting drunk out of his mind on beer, and passed out in his convertible. Cassie found him and figured she could drive him home.

Cassie didn’t even have her learner’s permit. They crashed on the way home, and Cassie eventually died from her injuries.

Her death was the last nail in the coffin for Sharon and Nick’s marriage. Sharon found a little solace in Brad Carlton, (Don Diamont) and Nick found a whole other steamy life with Daniel’s mother, Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford).

Shick eventually divorced, and Nick married Phyllis. Nick and Phyllis even had a child together, Summer Ann Newman.

Faith Shick

Faith Renewed

A little after Cassie died, she appeared to Nick in a dream. She showed him a world where she didn’t die, and he and Sharon had another child named Faith.

Flash forward a few years; Nick and Sharon are separated and trying to raise Noah (Kevin Schmidt). He had an ice skating accident and fell into the freezing cold water. Brad Carlton sacrificed his life to save Noah, and Nick wanted to tell Sharon.

He drove to her house in a blizzard, and ended up stranded there. The two couldn’t help themselves and made love in front of the fireplace. Nick was still married to Phyllis and she guessed he and Sharon hooked up.

Nick thought about ending things with Phyllis and returning to Sharon, but ultimately stayed with Phyllis.

However, Nick and Sharon were thrown together yet again when Noah ran off to a cabin to make love to his girlfriend Eden (Vanessa Marano). Shick went to stop him, and ended up making love in the cabin.

Sharon became pregnant soon after their encounter, but wasn’t sure if the child was Nick’s due to her promiscuity at the time. Nick handled the news well, and actually tried to reunite with Sharon.

The couple was on the road to reconciliation when Summer became ill after ingesting a peanut. Nick and Sharon decided it would be better if Nick recommitted to Phyllis. Sharon knew Nick was the child’s father due to a paternity test, but kept it from him for Summer’s sake.

The truth eventually came out and Nick refused to walk away from his unborn child. Phyllis took Summer to Switzerland for treatment, while Nick and Sharon worked on their relationship.

Sharon gave birth to a healthy baby girl, but it was a while before she realized it. Nick’s brother, Adam Newman (Michael Muhney), stole Sharon’s healthy baby and replaced her with Ashley Abbott’s (Eileen Davidson) dead baby. Sharon thought her baby with Nick died during delivery. It was several months before the truth came out.

Nick and Sharon were soon reunited with Faith, and decided to give love another go. Nick divorced Phyllis, and became engaged to Sharon.

However, Sharon found herself attracted to Adam. They had an affair in New Orleans, and Nick soon found out. He left her, but continued to be a parent to Faith.


A Big Proposal

In 2014, Nick and Sharon began growing closer again. Sharon began to have visions of Cassie, and Nick was there for her. Nick helped her through her mental illness, and things were going well.

It turns out Cassie had a secret twin, Mariah. Nick and Sharon continue to help each other deal with her presence everyday.

This past week, the always-romantic Nick proposed to Sharon again. He recreated their Senior Polynesian Dance at Crimson Lights. Nick felt it was time to make new memories, and popped the question. Sharon happily accepted.

What was your favorite Nick and Sharon moment?