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Perkie's Observations: There's Always a Place For Robert Scorpio in Port Charles

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Anna finds Lucy and Duke together in her hotel room. Anna hangs up from her call with Robert, but not before telling him there is always a place for him in Port Charles when he's finished in Wisconsin.

It turns out Lucy's crying on Duke's shoulder because Scotty hasn't decided who he wants to be with and they'll all be late for Science class.

Anna tells Lucy to go to Scotty and demand he choose. She and Duke reunite. When he brings up Faison, Anna admits she has something to tell him.

Robin and an undead Jason managed to get out of the clinic before it exploded. They are driving to Port Charles to reunite with one and all. Robin tells him Danny is his son. She then realizes she may be putting Danny and Emma in danger if they go home and decides to go to Sonny's instead.

Ava continues to almost take Sabrina's pills of death, but is interrupted again by Shawn and Max who overtake her men and grab her. Ava is overcome by pain.

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Franco sees Sonny with Carly and hides. When Sonny leaves, Franco questions Carly, who lies about Sonny having been there.

Sam stops by to see Sonny and the two commiserate about poor Jason and his untimely death. Sam mentions Luke possibly going after Sonny and while Sonny doesn't believe it he also doesn't shrug it off.

Bobbie invites Scotty to Franco's birthday party then demands to know where they stand. Scotty wants to know why she lied to Franco about their dinner.

Lucy arrives and tells Scotty to settle things once and for all so she can go back to cheerleading practice. Scotty chooses Bobbie, which sends a crying Lucy back into Anna and Duke's room.

Franco asks Kiki if Carly and Sonny slept together and explains that Rosalie overheard her. Kiki admits that it's true, but swears that Carly said it was a one-time mistake.

Once Bobbie and Scotty arrive, Carly makes a toast to Franco, saying she knows he's not a monster and is happy to have gotten to know the real him.

Franco says he has something to say.

Robin arrives at Anna's door as Jason arrives at Sonny's.