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Top 10 Trials and Tribulations of Lauren and Michael on The Young and the Restless

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Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) and Lauren Fenmore (Tracey E. Bregman) are two reformed Genoa Citizens who managed to fall in love on The Young and the Restless.

They’ve been married for almost 10 years, which is 100 in soap years. What better way to celebrate this couple than to take a look at 10 of the biggest The Trials and Tribulations of The Young and The Restless’ Michael Baldwin and Lauren Fenmore.

Marry Me

N0. 10 Casino Night

Michael’s troubled brother, Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart) became infatuated with Lauren from afar. She didn’t share his feelings, but that didn’t stop Kevin from kidnapping her to change her mind. Michael saved Lauren from Kevin, and the duo worked together to help Kevin get on the right path.

Michael and Lauren spent so much time together, they ended up catching feelings. Michael proposed in the cutest, non-traditional way. He set up a casino night at Crimson Lights, and made sure he and Lauren played Blackjack together. When the dealer dealt the cards, he flipped two over in front of Lauren that read: “Marry Me”.

It took some convincing from Michael to get Lauren to say “Yes”, but she eventually did.

Real Sheila

No. 9 Seeing Things

Before the wedding, Michael wanted to meet Lauren’s son, Scotty Grainger Jr. (Blair Redford). Lauren was against the idea, but Michael met him without Lauren’s knowledge.

After he left, it was revealed Scotty had been tutoring none other than Lauren’s arch nemesis Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown)! Scotty returned to Genoa City for his mother’s wedding, and Sheila followed.

He bought his mother a silver pendant necklace, which Sheila poisoned. Sheila’s sinister plan worked. Lauren's health began to fail. Everyone thought she was hallucinating, but it was Sheila playing mind games with her!

Sheila got into Lauren’s head so good one day, Lauren almost jumped off of a roof! Michael managed to save Lauren just before she went sailing off to her death.

Sheila, going by an assumed name “Brenda”, met up with Michael’s stepfather T,errible Tom Fisher (Roscoe Born). Tom and Sheila teamed up to torment Lauren and Michael. Talk about a match made in hell.


No. 8 Wedding Bells

Michael and Lauren were married in one of the last classic soap weddings. It was a huge spectacle involving the entire cast.

Grammy-nominated Jazz trumpeter Chris Botti performed. His soothing sounds were heard, as a beautiful Lauren Fenmore walked down the aisle. It was a good day for Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baldwin. However, they had no idea what was waiting for them on the honeymoon.


No. 7 Boom Goes The Dynamite

Terrible Tom had no idea “Brenda” was actually Sheila Carter. He wasn’t aware of the history she shared with Lauren either. He was fine with getting back at Lauren and Michael, but didn’t realize how far Sheila wanted to go.

They came up with a plan to place a bomb on Lauren and Michael’s honeymoon yacht. The blissful couple was enjoying their honeymoon. until the ship made a stop, and Michael got off the boat. As he waited for Lauren to join him, he watched the yacht explode!

Michael searched for Lauren for days. She was eventually presumed dead. In reality, Tom had gotten Lauren off the yacht before it blew sky high. By this time, he figured out Sheila wanted to kill him and Lauren. So, he devised a plan to hold both of them captive in an abandoned GC basement.

Somehow, Lauren managed to talk Tom into completely turning on Sheila. Tom contacted his ex-wife and Michael’s mother Gloria (Judith Chapman) to make a deal for Lauren. However, Gloria’s husband, John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) overheard where Tom would be with Lauren, and met him there with a gun. They got into a scuffle, and Tom ended up dead!

At the farmhouse, Sheila and Lauren got into a fight and Sheila broke her ankle. They were trapped in the house until GC’s best detective Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) found them. Paul got Lauren out of the house, but could not save Sheila as the place crumbled on top of her.


No. 6 Reunited And It Feels So Good

On the day of Lauren’s Memorial Service, Michael arrived at the church early. He had a few pent up emotions to get out before the service started. As he started to breakdown, he heard someone behind him. It was none of than Lauren Fenmore in the flesh.

Michael couldn’t believe his eyes. The couple embraced. It was a truly beautiful moment, and my favorite of the entire Lauren and Michael relationship.


No. 5 Baby Blues

First comes love, then comes marriage…y’all know the rest. Lauren and Michael must have done a lot of making up for lost time, because Lauren became pregnant soon after the reunion. She informed an over the moon Michael, but she had a few concerns.

Due to her age, she wanted to make sure the baby was healthy. Everything turned out to be fine, but Michael decided it was time find out more about his biological father for medical purposes.

Through Lauren’s pregnancy, the Baldwin family was embroiled in a nasty feud with the Abbott family. Control of Jabot cosmetics changed hands several times, and not always under the most legitimate circumstances.

Towards the end of Lauren’s pregnancy, she found out Michael had a hand in dirty dealings at Jabot. She became so upset she went into early labor. Fenmore Michael Baldwin was born small, but strong. Mother and child turned out to be fine health-wise, but their home life was pretty chaotic.

Sheila Phyllis

No. 4 Bang Bang

Sheila Carter just doesn’t know how to give up. She “returned” yet again in 2006, but this time with a twist. Paul found her in Argentina, but she had the face of Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford). In order to protect Lauren, he brought her to Genoa City and locked her in a cage.

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Michael eventually found “Phyllis” in the cage, but Paul stopped him from freeing her. He kept the secret from Lauren until Paul’s partner, Maggie Sullivan (Tammy Lauren), freed her thinking she was the real Phyllis.

“Phyllis” shot Maggie and then waited for Paul to show up. Once he did, she knocked him out and tied him up with a dying Maggie. Then, all hell broke loose.

“Phyllis” as Sheila went to the real Phyllis’s house, and tied her up. She waited with baby Summer for Lauren and baby Fenmore to arrive. Once they did, “Phyllis” took Lauren down and tied her up with the real Phyllis. Then, Sheila took the real Phyllis and the babies and high-tailed it out of there.

Michael found Maggie and Paul tied up in the cage, and freed them. He also found Lauren and untied her. The search for the babies was on.

With some assistance from Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow), Paul and Lauren managed to track down Sheila. Lauren didn’t want to wait for Paul’s help, so she took her gun and found everyone at a retirement home.

Lauren had a hard time telling the two Phyllises apart, but the real Phyllis helped her out. Lauren finally shot Sheila Carter and killed her. As Sheila lay dying, she choked out Lauren had shot the wrong one.

As far as we know, Lauren shot Sheila Carter, but never say never.

Sarah S

No. 3 So Long, Sistah Killa

Daisy (Yvonne Zima) and Ryder Callahan (Wilson Bethel) were out to get Lauren Fenmore. She started receiving living and dead rats, but could figure out where they were coming from.

Daisy soon toyed with Lauren’s emotions, and got her to feel sorry for her. Lauren hired Daisy as a clerk in her boutique, and then the fun began.

Lauren soon started getting terrible headaches, and found it hard to control her emotions. Kevin’s girlfriend Jana Hawkes (Emily O’Brien) was the first one to be suspicious of Ryder and Daisy. She eventually discovered Ryder and Daisy were twins and had a very familiar mother. However, she was kidnapped for her trouble.

Daisy had been giving Lauren medication to fight the headaches, but was lacing her water with a different drug. She also poisoned the paint in her office.

She even gave Lauren ecstasy, which made her kiss Paul! Daisy was there to document it all, and show the photo to Michael.

Michael, Paul and Lauren soon concluded Daisy was the culprit behind the photos and Lauren’s sickness. Before Lauren could confront Daisy, she ended up being kidnapped with Jana. They were inside a cage at a zoo. Daisy showed up and confessed everything to Lauren. She and Ryder were twins, and their mother was none of than Sheila Carter!

However, they were raised by Sheila’s sister, Sarah Smythe (Tracey E. Bregman), who was a dead ringer for Lauren. Sarah stole Lauren’s wedding ring and assumed her identity in Genoa City. Michael was ecstatic to see “Lauren”, but soon realized something was off about her.

He set up an appointment for her with the local psychologist Emily (Stacy Haiduk). Sarah quickly realized “Emily” was actually Patty Williams in disguise. The two knew each other from their sordid past.

Sarah agreed to take out Phyllis for Patty, if she kept her mouth shut about her identity. Patty agreed and Phyllis was the next target.  Sarah tried to kill Phyllis, but she got away and locked herself in a room in her apartment.

Soon, Michael and Paul showed up and rescued Phyllis. She told them about “Lauren”, and the duo figured out the real Lauren was caged up in the zoo.

Michael and Paul got the zoo just in time to discover the real Lauren and Sarah Smythe in a gunfight in House of Mirrors. Michael could tell the two women apart, but that wasn’t enough for Lauren.

After Lauren proved to be the one and only Lauren Fenmore, she shot Sarah Smythe dead. Bang, Bang indeed!

Carmine Basco

No. 2 Carmine Basco

Michael and Lauren had been going through severe relationship problems, when a bartender made things made thins go from bad to worse. Carmine Basco (Marco Dapper) became friends with Lauren at the GCAC. Things between she and Michael were strained, due to trouble with their son.

Lauren confided in Carmine, and he fell for her. They would flirt back and forth, but Lauren just brushed it off. One night she was too drunk to drive. Carmine took her home and they kissed.  Lauren tried to fight her growing feelings for the hunky bartender, but it was to no avail.

Lauren soon caved and got more than just a piece of Carmine Basco. She felt awful for cheating on Michael, and tried to end things with Carmine. However, Carmine wasn’t having it.

He begged for one more night, and Lauren agreed. Carmine kept pushing Lauren to continue, but she truly wanted to make up with Michael. She tried to get back with her husband, but she kept having flashes of Carmine. She went back to him and the two even had a tryst at Lake Geneva. By this time, it was an all out affair.

Michael soon discovered Lauren’s indiscretion with the young hottie, and angrily confronted everyone. Lauren finally decided to end things with Carmine, but he had become obsessed with her.

As Lauren tried to gain Michael’s forgiveness, Carmine believed he could get to Lauren through her son, Fenmore (Max Ehrich). When it didn’t work, Carmine descended further into psychosis.


No. 1 Forgiveness

Michael and Lauren continued to rebuild their relationship, while Lauren kept rejecting Carmine. The couple eventually went to  therapy, and worked through more of their problems.

Michael gave Lauren 13 days to prove she wanted to stay married to him. To show her he meant business, Michael had divorce papers drawn up.

Lauren did everything she could to prove her love to Michael. At the end of 13 days, she felt she hadn’t done enough. She begged Michael for more time, but he refused. He tore up the divorce papers and forgave her for cheating on him.

The battle with Carmine was far from over, but Michael and Lauren were victorious.

As the couple now faces a new challenge—dealing with Michael’s health—their past proves they have what it takes to survive.

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