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Perkie's Observations: Robin Lies to Protect Her Loved Ones on General Hospital

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Patrick explains to Anna what Robin was doing at Crichton-Clark. He wonders if she survived the explosion.

Anna now understands Robin's behavior. Patrick worries until Anna tells him to try and Skype Robin.

Helena threatens Robin. Her loved ones will pay the price, unless Robin helps her.

Franco questions why Carly was hesitant when he proposed. She claims she was caught off guard, but swears she's thrilled. Franco admits he saw Sonny there tonight, but Carly tells him it was nothing.

Franco wants to set a date. Carly talks of a spring wedding, but he wants it sooner, namely Halloween. He reminds her it all started for them last Halloween, so Carly agrees.

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Ava literally runs over Jason, then decides she can't call 911 because of Sonny. Jordan arrives and tells Ava to leave; she'll say she hit Jason.

Kiki tells Morgan what happened at the birthday party. Morgan feels his mother should know Franco knows her secret. Kiki swears they can't tell Carly anything.

Morgan wants to tell Michael. Kiki worries he'll be upset she confided in Morgan.

Michael tells Sonny about the engagement. He's angry to hear Carly accepted Franco's proposal. Shawn arrives and gives Sonny an update on Ava. Ava arrives at Morgan's door, begging for help.

Helena's minions explain Jason escaped. She shoots one and orders the other to clean up the mess.

Patrick gets a hold of Robin. Robin claims she left the clinic weeks ago for Paris. Anna tells her she can come home. Robin says she can't.

Robin says she's been making bad decisions and needs to distance herself. Anna thinks she has PTSD and wants to help her through it. Patrick says Emma needs her.

Robin disagrees. She feels Patrick and Anna are better for Emma right now. Robin says she's mailing the divorce papers and signs off.

Helena is happy with Robin's performance. She admits Jason managed to escape, but is certain he's not in good shape.