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Perkie's Observations: Ava Makes a Desperate Plea to an AMor-ous Ex on General Hospital



The abducted quad returns to Port Charles. Dante and Lulu are reunited with Rocco; Maxie with her parents and Nathan with Britt.

Jason is brought to the hospital. Liz is on the team working on him. Once they stabilize him, they take him into surgery.

Julian storms Sonny's house demanding to know where Ava is. Sonny denies having her. Julian threatens Sonny over his sister.

Sabrina checks the intake records to see if Ava's been brought in. She's annoyed when she finds nothing. She spots Jordan and eagerly asks about Ava. Jordan says she's there because she was the driver who hit the mystery man.

Sabrina spots the bottle of pills and demands to know why Jordan has Ava's medications. Jordan promises to give Ava the pills when she sees her.

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Alexis and Ned are enjoying their date. Alexis promises she's done with Julian. Julian interrupts, demanding to speak with Alexis. He tells her Ava is missing and asks if she can find out anything for him.

Olivia runs into Ned and joins him. Alexis returns and Liv realizes Ned and Alexis are on a date together.

Ava begs Morgan to hide her from his father. Morgan doesn't believe Sonny is capable of hurting women, or putting the baby at risk. Ava swears Sonny will take the baby and kill her. Morgan agrees to let her stay.

Lulu and Dante tell Nikolas about Victor and Stavros. Nikolas apologizes for what his father did to Lulu. She wants them to move on.

Nathan tells Britt about Victor being his father. Britt assures him the rest of the Cassadines, Nikolas and Alexis, are good people. Nathan tells her about Maxie. He isn't giving up on her.

Maxie gives Felicia the Aztec knife. She tells her parents she was forced to kill Levi to save Nathan. Maxie tells them Nathan confided his feelings to her, but she believes he needs someone special.

Shawn calls Jordan and asks about Ava. Jordan claims she doesn't know where Ava is. Shawn promises Sonny he'll find Ava.

Lulu tells Dante she wants to wait before doing anything with the extra embryo. Nathan and Maxie agree to have dinner together.