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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nick and Sharon Get Arrested!


Nick/Sharon:  The lovebirds land in jail, following a night of pre-wedding debauchery with their family and friends. Just what goes down at those bachelor/bachelorette parties?

Watch for Noah to arrange for his pops to be playfully abducted. This leads to the men of Genoa City reminiscing about Nick and Sharon's high school days romance at the Genoa City High football field.

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Across town, Victoria, Abby, Nikki and Summer surprise Sharon with a fete of her own. The ladies head to the rooftop of the Athletic Club, but their festivities are rained out. This causes them, along with Mariah, to head to the same dive bar Nikki frequents. When the guys land at the same establishment, look out!

Paul/Nikki/Cricket: When Paul has to arrest Dylan in connection with Ian's disappearance, he and Nikki team up to prove their son is innocent. Don't look for Cricket to be pleased about Genoa City's latest dynamic duo.

Dylan/Avery/Joe: The legal vixen is hellbent on vindicating Dylan. After retrieving a law book from her apartment, she bumps into her ex-husband Joe. Does Dylan have anything to worry about besides his freedom?

Phyllis: Red finally gets back to Genoa City and her first stop is to the Newman Ranch. Phyllis slips onto the property undetected (Again, what is with the security there?!) and heads to Nick and Sharon's house.

Phyllis is taken aback when she sees Summer kicking it with Sharon. Once the women cart Sharon off to her bridal shower, Phyllis finds the key to the house and enters. She starts to write a letter to Nick, then rummages through a drawer for a pen. Will finding Sharon's parking ticket from the night of the gala trigger memories for Ms. Summers?