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Perkie's Observations: Ava Reveals Sonny Murdered AJ



Michael finds Rosalie at his door. She apologizes for causing trouble between him and Kiki. He accepts the apology then gets uncomfortable when she gets handsy with him. As Rosalie is leaving, Kobe arrives.

Ava explains to Kiki that Morgan is protecting her and explains what happened the night before. Kiki wonders if the threat is coming from Julian. Ava admits it's from Sonny.

Kiki wants to call Michael which Ava doesn't want. Morgan insists Ava tell them why Sonny wants her dead and what it has to do with Michael.

Tracy refuses to believe the worst of Luke, but Lulu and Dante continue to make the case that he could be Julian's boss. Dante asks Tracy's help in getting a hold of Luke. Tracy leaves a message for Luke asking to meet in person.

Sam feels they need to find out if Julian was meeting Luke the night of the engagement party. She decides she'll ask him for the truth. Patrick says Sam doesn't have the pull with her father. Alexis says she does, but Sam feels it's too dangerous.

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Franco gives Carly a necklace with an evil eye talisman instead of an engagement ring. He tells her it will protect her from misfortune.

Julian tells Jordan that Kobe is going to kill Michael. Jordan says the hit needs to be stopped because Sonny will retaliate. Julian says it's what the boss wants. Jordan tries to call Shawn but he refuses her call.

Franco finds Nina at the hospital and apologizes for not believing her. Nina asks if he ended things with Carly. Franco tells her about the proposal. Franco admits he can't trust Carly, but he's going to be keeping an eye on her until their wedding.

Sonny stops by to see Carly and tells her that he heard about the proposal. Carly tells him she's getting married on Halloween and Sonny can't believe it.

Sonny tells Carly about Ava's escape. Carly worries about the damage Ava can do to their relationship with Michael. She feels that all their problems go away if Ava does. Sonny promises to make Ava pay. Franco's necklace records it all.

Alexis goes to Julian on the pretense that she wants to get back together. Julian feels it's too easy and wants to know what Alexis really wants. Alexis asks if Julian is working for Luke.
Jordan finds Shawn and tells him there is a hit on Michael and he needs to stop it.

Rosalie wants Kobe to wait in the hallway, but when Michael comes out, Kobe pulls a gun on both. Michael demands to know who Kobe’s boss is and who wants him dead.

Shawn bursts in, gun in hand.

Kiki and Morgan demand to know the truth. Ava tells them that she saw Sonny kill AJ.