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Michael Muhney Denies Being Fired From Y&R For Groping Hunter King


Nine months after Michael Muhneyannounced on Twitter he was fired from The Young and the Restless, he is finally speaking out about the allegations surrounding his ouster.

CBS, Sony, nor Muhney ever revealed why he was axed on the show. This left viewers and fans of the actor puzzled, since he re-signed his contract five months prior.

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The soap world and mainstream media were rocked when TMZ ran a story claiming Muhney was given the boot for allegedly grouping former co-star Hunter King (Summer).

In an interview with Australia's TV Week Soap ExtraMuhney denied the claims and states he didn't intend on staying with the show for more than five years. Muhney claims he was also being more involved with his character's development, which caused him to speak with the higher ups with his frustration. He said:

I remember sitting down in the final ten months of my tenure with the executive producer and saying: “Things have to change. You guys are going to have to fire me or I’m going to have to quit.” I told them that several times.

When pressed about the rumors regarding having allegedly groped King's breasts, Muhney stated:

First of all, there is no one anywhere, of any official capacity, who ever made any of those allegations. If there were, I would be the first person to come out and say,“Hey, now, I’ve got to take you to court because what you’ve just said is lies and I have to sue you for libel and slander.