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Perkie’s Observations: Michael Kills Kobe on General Hospital

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Kiki thinks Ava is lying about Sonny killing AJ, since Carlos is in jail for the murder. Ava explains that Carlos is loyal to the Jeromes and took one for the team. Kiki asks how Ava can know that Sonny shot AJ. Ava reveals she was there.

Kobe grabs Michael when Shawn enters and wonders how Shawn knew that Kobe was there. Kobe says they're both hired guns, and to let him finish his business, but Shawn refuses. Shawn wants Kobe to let Rosalie go and when she creates a distraction, Michael and Kobe fight over the gun and Kobe is shot dead.

Alexis insists that Julian tell her if his boss is Luke. At first Julian claims she has no right to ask him that since she dumped him. Alexis mentions Luke's possible involvement in the car accident. Julian swears on all his loved ones lives, that he's not working for Luke Spencer.

Alexis doesn't believe him and goes to leave. Julian stops her and says he knows she wants to be with him and they should stop pretending otherwise. The two kiss and start to make out, but Julian stops it and says he can't sleep with her if she'll just leave. Alexis promises to stay.

Sam claims Luke may have caused the accident. This causes Tracy to rage, saying Luke would never hurt a child then remembers poor Jake, but oh that was an accident Luke supposedly feels badly about.

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Sam explains Spencer connection. Tracy admits Luke was meeting with Julian in the stables. Tracy gets a text from Luke that he's in Amsterdam and wants to meet. Patrick declares that they're going to Amsterdam.

Franco shows Nina how he can keep any eye on what Carly is up to with a camera in her ugly necklace that no woman would be caught dead wearing, much less Carly. Nina questions what Franco will do if he finds out that Carly and Sonny are not done with each other.

Sonny promises Carly that he'll get Ava back before she can tell any secrets, which Carly is grateful for since she knows she'll lose Michael if the truth comes out. Franco checks in on the two of them as Sonny asks Carly for a kiss which she refuses. Sonny gets the call about Michael and heads out.

Nina takes the phone from Franco and tells him to stop watching Carly because it makes him look crazy. However, he's not ready to let it go.

Kiki doesn't believe Ava, but Morgan remembers something his father told him and does. They ask if anyone else knows. Ava tells them that AJ told Carly on his deathbed and she kept it to herself to protect Michael.

Kiki's angry that Michael is in the dark and feels he should know. Morgan says it would destroy something in Michael forever.

Rosalie can't believe how calm Michael is. He thanks her for distracting Kobe and saving his life. Sonny and Carly arrive and Shawn explains what happened. Sonny's men take away the body.

Rosalie wonders what to tell the police. Sonny tells her that there will be no police, that Michael didn't kill anyone so she agrees with the story.

Carly gets upset that this happened. She yells at Sonny that he promised his life wouldn't affect her boys. Sonny swears he won't let anything happen again.