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Perkie’s Observations: Danny Refuses to Leave Jason’s Side on General Hospital

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Sonny tells Michael that he needs to go to the island for his safety, until Sonny can figure out where the threat came from. Michael feels his father is overreacting until Carly arrives and agrees with Sonny. Michael points out that he's head of ELQ. Carly counters that Ned can take over for now. Michael brings up Kiki. Sonny says she can go with him. Michael accepts the decision.

Lulu can't believe that her father would be plotting against Sonny and capable of hurting Emma. Dante points out that Luke hasn't been the same since Miscavige.

Lulu decides she's not joining the team going to Amsterdam and will stay home with Rocco. Dante decides he doesn't want to go either and will work the case in Port Charles.

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Danny refuses to leave John Doe's side. Liz joins them and distracts Danny with a lollypop. Liz tells Sam that she feels a connection to the patient and is sad that no one seems to be missing him.
Sam speaks to the patient and his monitor reacts, so Liz heads out to find his doctor, but not before telling Sam that Patrick wants to spend more time with her.

Patrick tells Sabrina that they may have a new lead. She insists she has a right to know who killed her son. Patrick mentions Luke, but Sabrina doesn't believe it. He wonders if she has her own theory. Sabrina backs off and doesn't mention Ava.

Kiki tells Morgan what happened with Michael, but that Sonny is handling it. The two argue about telling Michael that Sonny killed AJ. Kiki doesn't like lying to Michael. Morgan says knowing the truth will destroy Michael and won't bring AJ back.

Maxie tells Nathan that she doesn't think it's a good idea to go out on a date because she doesn't know him very well. Nathan promises to tell her everything about him and that he wants to get to know her as well. Maxie feels she needs to be alone. Nathan tells her he'll be waiting at the restaurant if she changes her mind.

Michael goes to the brownstone to tell Kiki that he's leaving.